Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Swallow, Poppies & Wildflowers

Swallow, Poppies & Wildflowers by Giulia Marotta, artist and owner at Eight Lines Studio in Nova Milanese, Italy.The post Swallow, Poppies & Wildflowers first appeared on Tattoo Ideas. Source link

Gabry Scriba, tatuaggi e “scribalismo”

Un grande amore per l’horror e le divinità egizie. Un modo unico di tatuare e di dare profondità alle sue opere. Vi presentiamo il proprietario di “ScribaTattoo”… Osservare la tua arte (e tutte le...

Top 5 Playing Card & Poker Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are indeed the most trending tattoo ideas at present. Starting from teen to elder, everyone loves getting inked on the body. However, people want things to be as explicit as possible. Specifically,...

Fox & Horse Chestnuts

Fox & horse chestnuts by Loktionova.The post Fox & Horse Chestnuts first appeared on Tattoo Ideas. Source link

Franziska and the Egyptian goddess cat

She is a hairstylist, an ink addicted and a tattoo fashion lover. She is Franziska Christina, the girl from Germany who loves the Egyptian goddess Bastet, the famous cat, symbol of love and...

Top 5 Casino Themed Tattoos

Tattoos reflect the personality of the one who boasts them. It reflects the interest or passion of the concerned person. Those who belong to the Casino arena thus have their taste of getting...

Mandrill Chest Tattoo

Mandrill chest tattoo by Maurizio Gobbo, an artist working in Naples, Milan and Rome. The post Mandrill Chest Tattoo first appeared on Tattoo Ideas. Source link

General Yue Fei: The Most Famous Tattoo In Chinese History

The practice of tattooing in China has always been a topic of little interest, and rarely represents an object of academic discussion. Since ancient times, tattooing in China was subject to the laws and...

Cuteness overload with Little Rach – Things&Ink

Rachel (Little Rach) tattoos at Luck and Love Tattoo in Darlington, UK where she creates, bright, bold and super cute tattoos. We chatted to Rachel about her style, inspirations and how she’s been...

Samurai Back Tattoo

Samurai back tattoo by Shay Bredimus, an artist at The Raven and The Wolves in Long Beach, California. post Samurai Back Tattoo first appeared on Tattoo Ideas. Source link