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  1. Ok its good that we have this kind of vids which show us that even those who we watch and try to learn from are not being perfect in their technique i mean look at this lines you can see the blowouts and filing solid black wit 3 liner is rough for the skin you can cause so much dmg if not super experienced this is not going to heal well or not the way you want it to … however im glad for this vid thank you

  2. So I got a hand tattoo and got a blowout. The artist is really ass in fact he’s not professional but that was my fault for not going with my intuition. I’m gonna go to an actual tattoo studio but as of for now What do I do about the blowout with pus and everything coming out? And how deep was he supposed to go?

  3. My brother's going to hate me if I ask him for this lmmaaaoo what can I say I love music so much it literally saved my life

    One question how much does music mean to you?

  4. Amigo siendo sinceros no me gustó tu forma de trabajar soy principiante pero te puedo corregir se pinta todo donde empezaste para que no irrites la piel mas de lo normal

  5. How many passes has this person done for a stiaght line of my tattoo artist did that I’d be worried when he put a line in for a tattoo of mine he puts it in with authority he doesn’t sketch over it six times !


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