130+ Best Japanese Tattoos With Meaning and History (2018)

Japanese tattoos are not just popular in Japan but in fact world-age. The history of Japanese tattoo dates back to 300 BC when they were considered a symbol of power and wealth. However, in the next few centuries, the tradition of tattooing changed drastically in Japan.
Later tattoos were inked on criminals and dacoits to identify them from normal people. Here are 65 Japanese tattoo design that you can try –

Japanese Tattoos Meanings

1. Japanese tattoos were not considered cool throughout the history. However, one tattoo design that was adored in all periods was the koi fish tattoo design.
cool japanese tattoos

2. If you are going for Japanese armband tattoos then be aware that they were mostly inked on criminals and slaves so that they can be distinguished from other people of society.
japanese armband tattoos

3. Japanese art paved way to many tattoo designs. Japanese tiger tattoos for example are symbolic to courage and fear.
japanese art tattoo

4. People try full back tattoos only if they find a meaningful design. This oni mask tattoo is a good choice because it shows how demon tricks us to do evil things.
japanese back tattoo

5. Japan is known for its varied flora and fauna. There are many beautiful birds that inhabit Japan. My favorite is Japanese quail.
japanese birds tattoos

6. Buddhism is the second major religion in Japan. People who have faith in Buddhism opt for Japanese Buddhist tattoos like this.
japanese buddhist tattoos

7. Most Japanese are cat people and they consider cat as their lucky charm. Maneki-neko is the most popular cat figure that is believed to bring good fortune. Here is a Japanese cat tattoo.
japanese cat tattoo

8. Cherry blossom is the most common flowering plant in Japan and they can be found outside every Japanese school or office. Here is a beautiful Japanese cherry blossom tattoo.
japanese cherry blossom tattoo

9. If you want a bigger size cherry blossom tattoo then try the tree version just like this.
japanese cherry blossom trees tattoos

10. As Tiger and Samurai, both are associated with fear and courage in Japanese culture so a cool idea would be to try Tiger holding Samurai sword inked on the chest.
japanese chest tattoo

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130+ Best Japanese Tattoos With Meaning and History (2018)

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