9 Ugliest Tattoo List

Ugliest tattoos

9 of the Ugliest Tattoos

Tattoos often stir up mixed reactions among people, however majority of individuals agree that before you place a permanent mark on the skin, you have to ensure that it is both appealing and represents your core values.

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It is also worth noting that there exists some isolated situations whereby people put very absurd tattoos on their skin. Some of these tattoos are out rightly ugly while others are misspelled. The list below represents a countdown of top 9 ugliest tattoos ever found in the internet.

9: Never Don’t Give Up

Source: justsomething.com
Artist: Perlgeek.de

This tattoo represents a statement that is clearly grammatically incorrect. The letters on the model are designed in bold that makes it pretty noticeable from afar. It is located just below the biceps of what looks like a well-built white lad.


Source: http://acidcow.com
Artist: proofred.biz

The slogan that embodies the tattoo reveals language the incompetence of both the artist and the person with the tattoo. For although, the finishes of the tattoo appear decent, the use of a wrong statement gives away the prowess of the artist.

7: Marie Marry Me?

Source: http://acidcow.com
Artist: Perlgeek.de
You can tell that lady to whom the tattoo was intended gave a resounding NO to her uncreative spouse. The artist tries to use a very stupid font style that is slightly comprehensible.

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9 Ugliest Tattoo List

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