Alegal Tattoos in Cuba. TTT Featuring Josie

Today I have Josie on the channel to talk about her trip to Cuba!
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A huge thank you again to Josie for being on the channel and sharing her story! You can follow Josie @Josieoutlaw1 and our salon, where we filmed today, @barnetfairhair

On this week’s tattoo talk tuesday, Josie comes on the show to share her experiences on her trip to Cuba. I’ve overheard Josie tell this story before, and thought it would be really interesting to share with you guys, as well as bring attention to tattooing in Cuba.
So let me know what you think? Are their other counties you know of where tattooing is seen as an illegal practice? and do you know of anyone who has ever been to Cuba?

Music by Ryan Little!

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Alegal Tattoos in Cuba. TTT Featuring Josie

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