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The Blonde hottie from the Magic Mike, Alex is little doubt a swish younger actor, whose profitable profession in modelling lead him to the ‘camera, light and action’ world. He has been into Hollywood controversies many instances after making some bizarre statements about it recently, however the younger actor has at all times been into the limelight because of his good-looking look and elegance. He has god number of tattoos embedded on his pores and skin.

Alex Pettyfer

1. Celtic cross on his Proper Chest Space

Alex Pettyfer Cross tattoo

Tattoo: Celtic Cross

That means: Pettyfer has inked a Celtic Cross on the suitable facet of his chest. It’s in darkish inexperienced and blue shades and has a swirling serpent to its decrease facet.

2. Tibetian Script on his Proper Arm

Alex Pettyfer tibetian script tattoo

Tattoo: Tibetian Script

That means: Alex has tattooed a Tibetian script on his proper forearm.

3. “What Goes Around Comes Around” on his Proper Shoulder

Alex Pettyfer what goes around comes around tattoo

Tattoo: ‘What Goes Round Comes Round’

That means: Alex has inked his proper shoulder with the phrase ‘what goes round comes round.’ In an interview, he mentioned, ” I’m a giant believer of karma, and that is my favorite tattoo on my shoulder, however 90 per cent of individuals say, Isn’t Justin Timberlake’s tune? I did a film with Justin and instructed him, “you are a f***ing pain in my a** mate!”

4. Interlinking Hearts with Letters ER in them on his Proper Wrist

Alex Pettyfer interlinked heart tattoo

Tattoo: Interlinking Coronary heart with letters ER inside them

That means: Alex has a tiny and delightful tattoo inked on his proper wrist which has two interlinked hearts with letter E and R inside them. ER stands for his ex-girlfriend identify Emma Robert.

5. EMMA on his Ring Finger

Alex Pettifer Ring tattoo

Tattoo: EMMA

That means: Alex had tattooed the identify of Emma on his ring finger once they have been courting one another. After just a few months of courting, they parted their methods. In an interview with Glamour UK, he spoke of no regrets of nonetheless having these tattoos inked on his pores and skin. He mentioned, “I received a lady identify tattooed on my ring finger as a result of I used to be in love. We’ve damaged up, however I dont dwell in regrets“.

6. Blood, Ink & Fireplace Tattoo on his again

Alex Pettyfer blood ink fire tattoo

Tattoo: Gigantic BLOOD, INK & FIRE tattoo with half confronted girls

That means: Alex has received his again inked with an enormous, intricate tattoo that has lined the vast majority of his again. He has received this tattoo to advertise his manufacturing firm, Upturn Productions. The ink depicts the e-book title, “BLOOD, INK & FIRE” with the decrease half of the ladies face.

7. Little Lamb on his Left Wrist

Alex Pettyfer little lamb tattoo

Tattoo: Little lamb

That means: Alex has tattoed little lamb on his left wrist in stunning cursive handwriting.

8. Portrait of two kids on his Proper Forearm

Alex Pettyfer Potrait tattoo

Tattoo: Portrait of two kids mendacity down

That means: Alex has a portrait of two kids mendacity on the bottom inked on his proper forearm.

9. A cartoonish Depiction (a pig) on his Proper Wrist

Alex Pettyfer cartoonish tattoo

Tattoo: Cartoonish depiction

That means: Alex has cartoonish depiction inked on his proper wrist. The tattoo has a pig who’s watching the sky and a bonfire in entrance of it.

10. Chook on his Proper Arm

Alex Pettyfer bird tattoo

Tattoo: A flying Chook

That means: Alex has inked a flying chicken on his proper arm which resembles eagle or vulture.

11. Girl’s face on his Proper higher arm

Alex Pettyfer Lady face tattoo

Tattoo: Face of a Girl

That means: Alex has the face of a girl sporting a shawl or a hat tattooed on his inside facet of the suitable higher arm.

12. Katakana script on his Decrease Stomach

Alex Pettyfer katakana script tattoo

Tattoo: Katakana Japanese script

That means: Alex has inked a tattoo on his decrease stomach. The tattoo is in Japanese katakana script which is his identify, Alex.

13. A child Face on his Left Forearm

Alex Pettyfer baby face tattoo

Tattoo: A face of the Child

That means: Alex has tattoed a face of a child on his left forearm. The Tattoo Artist, Andrew_the_kid ink this tattoo.

14. A person sitting on a chair on his proper higher arm

Alex Pettyfer man on a chair tattoo

Tattoo: Man sitting on a chair

That means: Alex has a tattoo of a person sitting on a chair on the outer facet of his proper forearm.

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Alex Pettyfer’s 14 Tattoos & Their Meanings – Body Art Guru

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