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Gurbani Decide, popularly know as Bani J and VJ Bani, is a well-known face not solely as actuality exhibits star, but additionally for her health life-style and her love for getting inked. Being a health maniac and a tattoo lover, she posts numerous footage and movies concerning her gymnasium exercise periods and tales behind her tattoos on her totally different social media profiles. Not solely this, she is a model ambassador for the health app ‘Mobiefit BODY’. Speaking about her love for tattoos, she stated “I am totally inspired by tattoo queen, LA Ink’s Kat Von De, her tattoos and those blue streaks. Also I love paintings and this is my connection with art.” Scroll additional to know extra particulars concerning her love for tattoos and their meanings.

1. ‘Rise’ and ‘Shine’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Bani J has inked the phrases ‘Rise’ and ‘Shine’ on her each wrists.

Which means: Bani J is a really constructive particular person. Each the phrases ‘Rise’ and ‘Shine’ are symbols of positiveness for her.

Relating to her Rise and Shine tattoo she stated, “I am a very positive person. I like good vibes around me. There are worries and problems in everybody’s life but i don’t like them to keep affecting me. So, the first thing I want to think about in the morning is ‘shine’. Hence I got the two words inked on my wrists. I stretch my hands when I wake up in the morning, like everyone else does, and the first thing my eyes fall upon are the words ‘rise’ and ‘shine’. It makes me happy and my day is made.”

2. ‘KARMA’ and ‘TRUTH’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Bani J has inked each arms in daring letter stating ‘KARMA’ and ‘TRUTH’.

Which means: Bani J is a powerful believer of Karma. She believes every little thing on this life occurs due to cycles of our Karma.

She has demonstrated a powerful motive for getting these tattoos. She stated, “Everyone knows about my karma and truth tattoos. I got them inked when I was in Thailand. My mom follows Buddhism and she believes in the concept of karma. She believes that whatever we have done in our past life will come back to us in this life.She was diagnosed with cancer twice and she told me that it was due to her karma.Hearing all this from her, it touched a chord somewhere in me and I started believing in it too. And then I went ahead and got these tattoos done.”

3. ‘Star’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Stars have been inked by her on either side of her again.

Which means: Stars tattoos have their totally different meanings. And it principally relies upon upon the notion of the one that get them inked. So, relying upon the persona of Bani J, the star tattoos most likely symbolize safety, steering, instinct and good luck.

4. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Rose Tattoo has been inked by her on her proper arm, a few of them has been inked with crimson colours.

Which means: Pink rose is named the image of deep love and romance. It’s not solely a good looking flower, however have been a extremely popular alternative amongst folks for tattoos.

Bani J has even talked about on her official Instagram profile concerning this tattoo. She stated, “Last tattoo of 2017, A rose, is a rose. I like to think like them, I’m always in full bloom.”

5. ‘Huge Bird’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Ban J has bought a Big Hen Tattoo on facet of her proper shoulder that continues until her proper arm. This fowl has been inked in greenish-blue shade.

Which means: Birds are normally symbols of freedom. An individual with a fowl tattoo normally considered a free spirit. Bani J has by no means spoken about her this greenish blue coloured fowl tattoo, however similar to her persona, this fowl tattoo could be very lovely.

6. ‘Illuminati Rose’ Tattoo 

Tattoo: Illuminati Rose Tattoo has been inked by Bani J on her proper hand.

Which means: Illuminati will be referred to as because the group of individuals having particular data about one thing. The Illuminati tattoo has been inked by variety of celebrities all all over the world. It’s within the type of an Eye which will be highlighted by utilizing variety of patters round it like flowers, animals, birds, designs and many different totally different patters. Bani J has used rose for it.

Such Tattoos are the symbols of safety, readability of ideas and omniscience.

7. ‘Small Bird’ Tattoos

Tattoo: A Small Hen Tattoo has been inked by her on her each arms which is in shade of blue and crimson.

Which means: Birds normally symbolize freedom, readability of paths, non secular self route, liberty, and self independence. As we’ve already learn that Bani J is a fearless particular person. Each tattoo of her has a deep that means behind it. So this tattoo of her actually fits her persona.

8. ‘Triangle Illuminati’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A Triangle Illuminati Tattoo has been inked by Bani J on her proper forearm in between her rose tattoos.

Which means: It’s described as a gaggle of individuals having excessive data. It’s image of omniscience. Bani J already has one Illuminati Rose Tattoo on her proper hand and now this one in triangle form is on her proper forearm.

9. ‘Human Heart’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A Human Coronary heart Tattoo on a taking part in card has been tattooed by her on her left forearm.

Which means: Coronary heart Tattoo has totally different meanings. Like it’s a image of affection, ardour, creative nature, spirituality and energy of physique. Bani J even on her official Instagram profile she stated, “I always tend to go with my heart (the way I feel) as opposed to what I think may be the best way to go. Intuition, emotional guidance, we’ve been given it for a reason. Stay fine. Tuned in to it. Always.”

It states that Bani J follows her coronary heart at each stroll of her life.

10. ‘Snake’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A Snake Tattoo has been inked by Bani on her hand.

Which means: Snake tattoos have all the time been extremely popular amongst youths. In historic mythologies, snakes are image of data, knowledge, fertility, rebirth and endurance. Being a constructive particular person, Bani J has inked such distinctive tattoos on her physique.

11. ‘Howling Wolf’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A Howling Wolf has been inked on her left arm simply above her human coronary heart tattoo.

Which means: Wolves are clever and skillful hunters who not often hunts alone. They’ve been related to household as a result of they stay and hunt in pack. Bani J has all the time been very near her mom from whom she bought an inspiration to get her physique inked.

In non secular approach, its been referred to as that wolves have been despatched to us to information us all through our lives.

12. ‘Designer’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A design has been tattooed by Bani J on her decrease again that appears very stylish.

Which means: Decrease again tattoos have been fairly well-known amongst females. As a way to improve their beauties, ladies normally get their decrease again inked with totally different designs. Similar is the case with Bani J, although she has by no means made any official announcement concerning her decrease again tattoo, however her many social media profiles are filled with her footage, exposing her horny tattoo on her decrease again.

13.’Wing’ Tattoo

Tattoo: An enormous Wing has been inked by Bani J on her left arm that continues until her left elbow.

Which means: Bani J is a non secular particular person which is obvious from her tattoos assortment. Wings tattoo are symbols of guardian angels, the messenger of God. It signifies that guardian angels have all the time been there for steering. So, most likely wing tattoo has been inked by Bani for giving her power and steering in any respect walks of her life. The truth is in Greek, love and victory are been specified by wings.

14. ‘Shark Fish’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Bani J has a Shark Fish Tattoo on her proper arm.

Which means: A Shark Tattoo symbolizes energy. A type of safety to face up to all types of risks in life. Relating this tattoo with Bani J, this type of tattoo offers an immense energy to her to withstand all difficulties of her life. Identical to her fearless nature and constructive perspective.

15. ‘Floral Design’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A Floral Design Tattoo in crimson shade has been inked by Bani J on her left forearm.

Which means: All of us have witnessed Bani’s love for flowers. Not solely this floral design, however her left arm is stuffed with rose design tattoos. Floral tattoos signify totally different variety of meanings, like progress, abundance, happiness, fortune and many extra. However on seeing Bani’s official put up on her social media account concerning her floral tattoo, we assume that she has inked it to create an aura of happiness round her.

16. ‘Leaves Design’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Leaves design tattoo has been inked by Bani J on throughout her proper arm.

Which means: Typically leaves signify cycles of human life like delivery, progress, maturity and dying. Bani J has inked leaves designs throughout proper arm representing progress, positivity, younger and recent begin.

17. ‘Skeleton’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A Skeleton Tattoo with open arms has been inked by Bani J on her proper hand alongside along with her Rose Illuminati Tattoo.

Which means: Skeleton tattoos or cranium tattoos have been quite common amongst folks. Such tattoos will not be simply mere designs however have deep meanings too. A skeleton tattoo normally symbolize that everybody goes to die in the future. So our primary goal needs to be to stay our lives to the fullest. Most likely Bani J has additionally inked this tattoo by holding this interpretation in her thoughts.

18. ‘Soldier’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Bani J has inked Soldier Tattoo on proper decrease facet of her waist.

Which means: Soldier tattoo means a warrior, a protector, preventing man or lady. Bani J is an actual life fighter. She has confronted all ups and downs of her life with a fantastic preventing spirit. Could also be this soldier tattoo is a type of motivation for her.

19. ‘Symbols’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Symbols Tattoos like a lightning bolt, an anchor, a diamond and stars have been inked by Bani J on her fingers of each arms. Lightning bolt, anchor, diamond and one star is on her left hand whereas the opposite star image is on ring finger of proper hand.

Which means: Symbols tattoos have been quite common.Many celebrities like Jesy Nelson, Lottie Tomlinson,  Ruby Rose and many extra have inked symbols tattoos on their our bodies.

Bani J has a diamond tattoo on index finger of her left hand that means power, energy and wealth. An anchor tattoo  on her center finger of her proper hand that means hope, salvation and to remain sturdy and by no means quit. A star tattoo on her ring fingers of each arms means to shine vibrant like a star in all difficulties of life. And a lightning bolt tattoo on little finger of her proper hand means powers of God.

20. ‘Massive Mandala Design’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Huge Mandala Design Tattoo has been inked my Bani J on her each legs.

Which means: Mandala will be described as a round design which represents universe in Buddhism and Hindu faith. It may be referred to as because the non secular journey of an individual. It’s a quite common phrase utilized in meditation. These are principally sacred designs normally used for non secular function. Bani J is a non secular particular person and her mom is a powerful follower of Buddhism who has impressed her for karma tattoo.

21. ‘Pegasus’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A Pegasus Tattoo has been inked by her on her proper leg simply close to her mandala tattoo.

Which means: A Pegasus is a winged horse which is a logo of freedom and liberty. It’s a determine from Greek mythology. In response to this, its been stated that Pegasus has been born from neck of Medusa.

A tattoo of Pegasus reminds us that no matter occurs in our life, we must always by no means let adverse vibes to overshadow our paths in the direction of our targets. We’ve already seen Bani J getting inked tattoos of angels wings and birds on her physique. It defines her unstoppable perspective of life.

22. ‘Mandala Design’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Bani has bought another Mandala Design Tattoo on proper knee.

Which means: Bani J already has two large mandala tattoos on her each legs. This mandala tattoo is straightforward in design as examine to others. Mandala is a vital time period in Buddhism stating ones non secular progress on this universe.

23. ‘The Joker’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The Joker taking part in card has been inked by Bani J on her left forearm.

Which means: The Joker tattoos are very distinctive and trendy. Bani Jon her proper forearm has a taking part in card with a human coronary heart inked on itand on her proper forearm she has the joker taking part in card tattoo. Joker tattoo is a logo of excellent luck. It may also be referred to as as somebody who likes to play methods with others.

24. ‘Birth date’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Bani J has inked her Delivery Date in Roman Numbers on her left arm.

Which means: Bani J has inked her delivery date in Roman numbers on her left arm just under her karma tattoo. Her delivery date is 29 November, 1987. Many celebrities like Rihanna, have inked their necessary dates in roman numbers on their our bodies.

25. ‘Love’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Bani J has inked Love Tattoo on knuckles of her left hand.

Which means: A tattoo in daring letters stating love has been inked by her on knuckles of her left hand. In response to Bani, this tattoo specifies that she has love and affection in her coronary heart. No hate emotions for anybody. Tattoos like human coronary heart and love exhibits that Bani is a really emotional particular person.

26. ‘Demonic Face’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Bani J has inked a Demonic Face Tattoo on her proper thigh.

Which means: A demonic face tattoo with a rose over it represents that the world is stuffed with evil folks. The truth is each particular person has their hidden adverse sides. This negativity can solely vanished if we comply with the trail of affection and holding no grudges for anybody. Most likely, Bani J has inked this tattoo to offer her extra and extra motivation to stay constructive towards any type of negativity.

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Bani J’s 26 Tattoos and Their Meanings. – Body Art Guru

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