10 Amazing cloud tattoos

3D Praying Cloud Tattoo Kina Turner

Cloud is such an ubiquitous word in our tech-saturated world, but when’s the last time you looked up at one?

Here is our top 10 cloud tattoos to remind you just how pretty they are, up in the sky or on your skin – and your screen.

10) Praying Clouds

Artist: Kina Turner

9) Simplicity

Artist: Juan Pablo
Who said simple needs to be boring? This unassuming piece has just enough details to feel refined and well thought-out. We’re kicking off with cloud tattoos at their barest and we’re very fond of this minimalist design.

8) Primal Forces

Artist: Ornela Ironink
At the opposite end of the last entry, this piece is a showstopper. We love how few elements there are, yet how ornate the work looks: the composition is masterful. The clouds are shown as a force of nature to be reckoned with in an elemental design.

7) Surrealist


Artist: Tin Machado
Far from the traditional work above, this most exciting of cloud tattoos is anything but ordinary. With pop-art and surrealist inspirations, it’s certainly a statement piece. We love how personal and artistic it looks: true wearable art.


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10 Amazing cloud tattoos

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