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Dua Lipa is an English is an English Singer, Actor, and a Songwriter. She has a number of inventive inks on her physique that are distinctive in their very own sense. She has round 12 inks, Let’s discover her tattoos and their meanings.

Dua Lipa

 1.  ‘ROSE’ Tattoo

Dua-Lipa-Rose Tattoo

Tattoo: Rose inked on the inside facet of her proper Bicep.

Which means: Dua Lipa throughout one among her journeys to Paris bought a Rose inked from the tattoo artist, Madame Buraka. Dua Lipa revealed in an Instagram publish that she had bought the tattoo at 2 am in Paris with @burakatattooflash.



Tattoo: This Means Nothing inked on her left forearm.

Which means: This was her second tattoo. Sean, her tattoo artist had inked the phrases in his personal writing type.

3. ‘PALM TREE’ Tattoo

Tattoo: A Palm tree on the again of her higher left arm.

Which means: Dua Lipa loves Los Angeles with such coronary heart that she had determined to get ink off a palm tree tattoo on the again of her higher left arm as a homage to L.A.

4. ‘ANGEL’ Tattoo

Tattoo: ANGEL tattooed on her proper shoulder.

Which means: This ink was additionally finished by her favourite artist Sean.

5. ‘Eye’ Tattoo

DuaCa Lipa Eye Tattoo

Tattoo:  Stick and Poke Eye Tattoo close to her proper ankle.

Which means: Dua Lipa bought this tattoo finished in her personal kitchen by her drummer’s spouse, Amy. 

“@williambowerman has come over for dinner and as a house warming gift his wife is giving me a stick n poke tattoo,” Dua Lipa wrote on Twitter.  She mentioned the “all seeing eye” is there to guard you.

6. ‘Starburst’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Eight pointed starburst tattoo on her right-hand center finger.

Which means: This stick and poke tattoo was additionally inked by Amy Louise (Dua’s drummer’s spouse).

7. ‘Patience’ Tattoo

Dua Lipa PATIENCE Tattoo

Tattoo: PATIENCE inked on her left hand.

Which means: Dua Lipa revealed by way of Instagram the PATIENCE tattoo on her left hand in April 2017. In an interview, she defined that the tattoo is a continuing reminder for her to remain calm and be affected person.

8. ‘Mum and Dad’ Tattoo

Tattoo: MUM and DAD inked on her proper elbow.

Which means: This tattoo is within the honor of her dad and mom, mom Anesa Lipa and father Dukagjin Lipa. She bought it tattooed throughout one among her excursions to Los Angeles on February 8, 2018.

9. ‘SUNNY HILL’ Tattoo

Tattoo: SUNNY HILL inked on the within of her proper arm.

Which means: This was Dua Lipa’s first ink. Dua Lipa was born in London, nonetheless, she was captured saying that SUNNY HILL has all the time been dwelling to her. Sunny Hill is the English translation of the ‘Bregu i Diellit’ district in Kosovo’s capital metropolis of Pristina.

Dua Lipa SUNNY HILL Tattoo

10. ‘R and G’ Tattoo

Dua Lipa R and G Tattoo

Tattoo: R and G inked on her left wrist.

Which means: R and G tattoo stands for the initials of Dua Lipa’s siblings’ names, Rina and Gjin. Dua is the oldest within the household, her sister Rina is the center baby, and  Gjin is the youngest brother.

11. ‘Barbed wire heart’ Tattoo

Dua Lipa Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: In February 2018 when Dua visited Los Angelis, she bought a barbed wire coronary heart inked on her left forearm from Sean.

12. ‘Dancing People Thumb’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Two Dancing folks inked one on every thumb.

Which means: Dua Lipa has tattoos on each of her thumbs displaying dancing folks from the works of graffiti artist Keith Haring. She bought it finished in July 2015 from her favourite artist Sean at Tattoo Mania Hollywood whereas filming a music video for her tune “New Love.”

Dua Lipa Dancing People Thumb Tattoos

13. ‘245’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Dua Lipa bought this ink finished from her buddy artist, Madame Buraka.


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Dua Lipa’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings – Body Art Guru

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