Finding The Best Tattoo Removal Products

Laser Tattoo Removal

Traditional methods of tattoo removal can leave scars or will not effectively remove ink. Laser tattoo removal, while highly successful, can be painful and extremely costly.

New advancements have led to the manufacture of tattoo removal products that can be used to fade the ink over a period of time. These products come at a fraction of the cost of laser tattoo removal and other techniques and have the added benefit of being less painful. However, home tattoo removal products work in different ways and it is important to be aware of the risks, side effects and removal process related to each specific product.

1. Hazardous Chemicals And Agents

Some tattoo fading gels, creams or lotions contain ingredients that could be hazardous to your health, lead to scarring or burn the skin, especially with regard to tattoos in sensitive areas. Try to avoid fading products that contain Hydroquinone, TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) or any other types of harmful acids.

On the other hand, fading solutions containing acids can often show the fastest results and the hazards or risks can be minimized simply by following the instructions carefully. Understanding how these acid based creams work is also essential.

Most acidic solutions are abrasive and remove the top layers of the skin while fading the ink contained in the lower layers. Treatment should be applied daily and should only be left to work on the skin for a short period of time.

2. Additional Equipment Or Tools

Some of the best tattoo removal products require the use of scrubbing tools or equipment to be used in conjunction with the fading cream or solution. Effective scrubbing removes the top layers of the skin allowing the gel or cream to work on the deeper layers of the dermis where the ink is contained. This technique is often more effective and can provide faster results.

However, these products can be more expensive than gels that use acid to achieve the same results. The scrubbing process can be painful and will take more time than simply applying a solution to fade the tattoo. These products can also be difficult to use at home if the tattoo is located in a sensitive area or where it is difficult to reach, such as on the back.

3. Natural Remedies

Natural tattoo removal products are the least harmful, abrasive and have little to no side-effects or risks. However, the process is rather slow and it can take an extended period of time for a tattoo to be entirely eliminated. Persisting with this type of treatment will however resolve tattoos effectively with regular application and when following the instructions carefully.

4. Ink Colors

Be aware that not all of the best tattoo removal products work as effectively on different ink colors. This is often a problem with all types of tattoo removal methods and even laser tattoo removal has difficulty removing turquoise. It may be necessary to use more than one type of tattoo fading product or technique to remove different ink colors.

5. The Fading Period

The length of time that it takes is dependent on a variety of factors:

– The age of the tattoo,
– The size of the tattoo,
– The location of the ink,
– The type of product or technique being used.

However, there should be a visible difference within a few days or weeks of using the products with total elimination being achieved anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.

You can source the best tattoo removal products from your local tattoo shop where you will also be able to get the best advice on the most suitable solution to meet your unique requirements.

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Finding The Best Tattoo Removal Products

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