Keith Urban’s Tattoos – How Many & What Do They Mean

Keith Urban’s Tattoos

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Keith Lionel City, popularly often called Keith City is a New Zealand born American-Australian Singer, Songwriter and a File Producer well-known for his work in nation music. He has fairly a number of and distinguished tattoos on his body. Let’s discover his Keith Urban’s Tattoos, their meanings and how many he has.

Keith Urban


1. ‘Celtic Symbol and NMK Initials’ Tattoo

Keith Urban - Amor Vincit Omnia Tattoo

Keith Urban Celtic Symbol Tattoo

Tattoo: Celtic Image together with NML inked on Keith’s proper wrist.

Which means: Celtic image denotes three guarantees of relationship: Love, Honour, and Safety. NMK is the preliminary of his spouse’s title, Nicole Kidman. This tattoo is a canopy as much as his earlier ink which learn Omnia Vincit Amor which means “Love Conquers All.”

2. ‘Phoenix’ Tattoo

Keith Urban Pheonix Tattoo

Tattoo: The Phoenix must be Keith Urban’s Tattoo which he loves most.

Which means: Phoenix symbolizes Rebirth. It signifies that the individual should have overcome many challenges and laborious instances, thus rising into a brand new character of himself.

In an interview, he stated, “The ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ story of the phoenix … I can relate very strongly to that, going through hard times and coming out the other end of it much stronger for the experience.”

3. Keith Urban’s Back Tattoos.

3.1. ‘Eagle’ Tattoo

Keith Urban Eagle Tattoo

Tattoo: Eagle inked on his proper shoulder blade.

Which means:  Eagle is the image of energy and braveness.

Keith was captured saying, ‘I got an eagle because I was in America, I had just been spending time here, I was single and I thought, it’s my birthday, I need to give myself a cool present. I believed the eagle simply appeared excellent. It was American, I had my freedom, and it was one thing that might be on this journey with me for my entire life.”

3.2. ‘Love’ Tattoo

Keith Urban Love Tattoo

Tattoo: Love inked on his left shoulder blade. 

4. ‘Nicole’ Tattoo

Keith Urban NICOLE Tattoo.

Keith Urban NICOLE Tattoo

Tattoo: NICOLE inked on Keith’s proper bicep together with few hearts.

Which means: NICOLE represents Keith Urban’s spouse’s title, Nicole Kidman. The tattoo consists of her title surrounded by an intricate design and few hearts. He had revealed this tattoo throughout his efficiency with Alicia Keys at Giants Stadium throughout the Reside Earth New York present.

5. ‘Sun’ Tattoo

Keith Urban Sun Tattoo

Tattoo: Intricate Tribal Solar inked on his left chest.

Which means: Solar is the image of Life and Power. This tattoo is for his daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman City, who was born on July seventh, 2008 and is Keith City and Nicole Kidman’s first little one.

6. ‘Tribal’ Tattoo

Keith Urban Tribal Tattoo-

Tattoo: Tribal Tattoo design inked on his left shoulder.

What is your favorite of Keith Urban’s Tattoos?

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Keith Urban’s Tattoos – How Many & What Do They Mean

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