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Lauren Keyana Palmer popularly often known as Keke Palmer is an American Actress, Singer, Songwriter, and a Well-known Tv Character. Aside from her performing and singing abilities, she can be identified for her eye-catching tattoos, right here is the listing of her tattoos together with the hidden that means behind these tattoos:

Keke Palmer1. “Lauren” on Wrist

Keke Palmer - Lauren Tattoo

Keke obtained her first title, “Lauren” together with a small crown tattooed on her proper wrist. The inked crown alongside together with her title is to maintain reminding herself that she is a queen.

2. Writing beneath her left boob

Keke has writing close to her ribcage, beneath her left boob which says, “don’t solid thy pearls earlier than swine”. The phrase is a well-known quote from “Sermon on the Moun” that Jesus gave in Matthew chapters 5-7. The writing means that- you must by no means throw or provide valuable and priceless issues in direction of those that wouldn’t respect them.

3. Small writing on her proper forearm

Keke has writing tattooed on her proper forearm performed in very small and delicate letters. She obtained this tattoo inked in September 2016.

4. Two Hearts behind her ear

Keke Palmar Heart Tattoo

Within the 12 months March 2012, Keke obtained a pair of interlocking hearts inked completely behind her ear.

5. “Perception” Tattoo

There’s a tattoo on her proper thigh which says, “Perception”, there may be additionally a line inked by way of the letters.

6. “God is Love” Tattoo

Keke Palmar - God is Love Tattoo

Whereas in New Orleans for Mardi Gras Carnival Parade in February 2014, Keke obtained “God is Love” inked on her left wrist.

7. Writing on her bicep

She has a quote tattooed on her inside arm, which is a saying by a preferred Greek Thinker Aristotle, “We’re what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, isn’t an act however a behavior.” When requested about this tattoo, Keke shared her cause for getting this inked saying that, when she was small she used to go to a web site known as on the time when she used to really feel comfortable or burdened and get a quote associated to her emotional state. At some point she got here throughout the quote, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”, She merely preferred it and determined to get it tattooed on her pores and skin.

8. Anchor on her ankle

Keke Palmar - Anchor Tattoo

Keke and finest buddy, Taylor Parks obtained the anchor tattoo performed in March 2012.

9. Writing on her decrease again

Positively posted up in a public toilet tryna catch a second for my latest tattoo. Hahaha! #fwm “Renaissance Woman”1.a lady who has acquired profound data or proficiency in a couple of subject.

Posted by Keke Palmer on Saturday, February 27, 2016

To signify her a number of abilities (performing, dancing, singing, and tv internet hosting), Keke obtained a tattoo on her decrease again in February 2016 which says, “Renaissance Woman”. She shared an image of her tattoo together with the definition of the phrase a lady who has acquired profound data or proficiency in a couple of subject.

10. Sunflower and a Butterfly on her physique

Keke Palmar - Butterfly Flower Tattoo 1

Keke Palmar – Butterfly on Flower Tattoo (Earlier than)

Keke Palmar - Butterfly Flower Tattoo

Keke Palmar – Butterfly on Flower Tattoo (After)

This tattoo is a canopy as much as the older model of the same tattoo which was a butterfly on a sunflower. Keke obtained it lined with the prolonged model of the older ink. It was an 8-hour endurance of ache when Keke obtained this tattoo performed on her physique. It covers most a part of her physique. This tattoo is the results of her journey to Budapest which left such an impression over her life that she determined to get inked within the type of an expanded sunflower and a butterfly. She had accepted the truth that this tattoo has been probably the most painful one ever. She had stripped right down to her followers thus revealing her main tattoo which runs from her higher torso right down to her hips.

11. Pyramids + “Queen of Kush”

Keke Palmar - Queen Tattoo

The Kingdom of Kush, an historic African Nubian Kingdome located on the junction of the rivers Blue Nile, White Nile, and River Atbara. The dominion managed the Egypt totally; nonetheless, one of the best half was it had a historical past of feminine rulers. That is what appealed to Keke! Amanirenas was one of many well-known Queens of Kush, who was capable of talk a peace treaty for Kushites, in order an inspiration from this feminine ruler, and a tribute to her ancestors, Keke obtained this tattoo inked on the again of her neck in June 2016.

Keke stated this in an interview with Sizzling 97:

I’m simply making an attempt to study extra about myself and study in regards to the historical past exterior of America, my American historical past. I wish to study extra about my ancestors over in Africa. I don’t wish to all the time take into consideration slavery as the one factor that occurred to black of us. We even have one other historical past that we don’t actually hear that a lot about the place we had been kings and queens. I wish to hear extra about that.

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Keke Palmer’s 11 Tattoos & Their Meanings – Body Art Guru

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