Review On the Popular Inkbed Tattoo Chair

Inkbed Tattoo Chair Review
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The inkbed tattoo chair is a great investment for resting your clients in a comfortable position. The headrest on the chair is extendable and removes, ideal for back-work so your clients can lie comfortably and breathe easily through the face opening. In addition the inkbed tattoo chair features a reclining leg and back rest and extending headrest so that you are able to customize the chair for each specific client’s requirements.

Features Of The Inkbed Tattoo Chair

The dimensions of the bed are 72 inches in length, when the headrest is extended the bed is 78 inches in length and a 32 inch in width. The footrests and armrests keep clients in comfort throughout the procedure. The chair features a strong steel frame that is 4 inches thick and the seat features superior quality, dense foam padding. The finish of the chair is PVC leather that is easy to keep clean and hygienic.

The all-purpose black steel tray comes with a handy utility cup that can serve a variety of functions in either a tattoo studio, spa or salon. The tray features rolling casters, a compact design and adjustable height that is useful for retaining inks, dyes or colors while performing treatments on clients.

Highlights of The Inkbed Tattoo Chair

  • The steel base features a welded construction that will maintain a reliable service for many years.
  • The arm rests remove easily and quickly without the need for tools.
  • The pillow on the headrest removes for a face opening when working on a client’s back.
  • For taller clients, the extendable headrest can extend a further 6 inches.
  • The foam padding on the chair is 4 inches thick and provides comfort for clients who are required to sit for long periods of time.

Customer Reviews:

Below are a few reviews of customers that have recently purchased the popular inkbed tattoo bed:


Exceptionally Satisfied

This customer stated that the delivery of the bed was surprisingly fast. In addition the chair was easy to assemble and provided extreme comfort for her clients. She goes on to state that quality of the unit comes at an affordable price.


Love This Unit

This customer states that the quality of the furniture is well worth its price. However, she does state that potential buyers should be aware of the fact that this bed is rather large in size and will not be able to fit into a tight or small space. She also comments on that the stool for the bed is conveniently packaged in a box with the delivery. One useful piece of advice is that the recommends that clients should not be allowed to lean to far back as the chair does have the potential to flip.


The Inkbed Tattoo Chair Is Extremely Sturdy And Will Not Move Around With Different Weight Shifts

This customer also states that this popular inkbed tattoo chair is really well worth its price and will definitely decide to order this tattoo station in the future. The entire unit is incredibly sturdy and will not move from side to side when weights shift. This customer does state that the assembly of the tattoo chair was a bit time consuming but the end result was worth the work.


A Great Deal

This customer states the inkbed tattoo chair is one of the very best deals she has ever purchased. She states that in the past she had to source all the items separately. With this unit she was able to buy all the equipment she required in one unit. She states that the price of the chair was extremely attractive for everything she received.

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Review On the Popular Inkbed Tattoo Chair

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