Shayne Smith and His 35 Amazingly Beautiful Tattoos

Shayne Smith is probably the most tattooed comedian

Shayne Smith is probably the most tattooed comedian:

Shayne Smith is probably the most tattooed comedian

Standup comedian, Shayne Smith is known for his geeky jokes and massive tattoos and is probably the most tattooed comedian in the world. Despite his trimmed tattooed looks, Shayne is as he himself would say a huge nerd. His jokes always contain that much of nerdy stuff. He has a lot of positive energy when he performs on stage and a down to earth attitude, making him a hit with most audiences. With or without tattoos Shayne is a funny man. But it is cool to see such a heavily tattooed guy, making it on the comedy scene. Let’s have an in-depth look on his inked skin.

Shayne smith

1. “Honor” on his Chest

Honor-shayne smith

2. Massive Bear on his abdomen and Chest

Bear-shayne smith tattoos-

3. “XXX” on his Neck

XXX on his Neck-Shayne Smith

Tattoo: XXX

Meaning: Shayen has inked XXX on his neck. the background was given green colors. There are some arrows arising from this tattoo, which go upwards towards his cheeks.


4. “Winged Skull” on Chest

winged skull-shayne smith

5. Bat on the Lower Abdomen

bat-shayne smith tattoo

6. Swordsman on the back of his Hand

Swordman on the back of the hand-shayne smith

7. Emperor Swordsman on Right Elbow

Emporer swordsman-shayne smith tattoo

Tattoo: Emperor Swordsman

Meaning: Shayne has got his right elbow inked with the colorful Emporer swordsman. This tattoo was inked by the tattoo artist, Adam Gibson.

8. Massive Skull with an ace of heart card in its mouth on his Left Shoulder

Skull with card tattoo- shayne smith

9. “FRUT” on his knuckles

FRUT tattoo-shayne smith

Tattoo: FRUT

Meaning: Shayne got the matching tattoo inked on his knuckles with his wife, who got CUP on her knuckles. He wrote, “We are adorable” on his Instagram post.

10. Star behind his Right Ear 

star behind the ear-shayne smith tattoos

11. Two Rose like Design Beside his Right Eye

Two rose tattoo-shayne smith

12. SXE tattoo on his Upper Right Arm

SXE tattoo-shayne smith

13. Crescent moon with Arrow on his Left Cheek

crescent moon with cross-shayne smith

14. BOOT on his Left Knuckles

BOOT -shayne smith tattoos

15. BADMAN on his Right Side of Chest

Badman shayne smith tattoo

16. MPQT on the back of Left Hand’s Finger

MPQT-Shayne smith tattoo

17. “Cross Silhouette” on his Right Forearm

cross silhoutte shayne smith tattoo

18. Tree-Like Design on his Right Waist

Tree Like-shayne smith

19. “Rose” above his Right Eyebrow

Rose above eyebrow-tattoo

20. “Half-Filled Heart” on his Right Thumb

Half filled heart-shayne smith

21. “E, H, B, A” on the back of his Right Hands Finger

EHBA-shayne smith tattoos

23. “Space Wolf”

Space wolf-shayne smith

Tattoo: Space Wolf

Meaning: Shayne has got the tattoo of space wolf inked on his skin. This tattoo was inked by the tattoo artist, Adam Gibson.

24. “Red Monster” on his Right Shoulder

Red Monster -shayne smith

25. “X” or “Cross” on his Right Thumb

X on thumb-shayne smith

26. Alphabets on the side of his Left Hand

alphabets on hand side-shayne smith

27. “Cross Sign” on his Right Elbow

Cross symbol-shayne smith

28. Cobwebs on Shayne Smith his Left Arm

Cobwebs-shayne smith

29. MAGNETO on Shayne Smith his Lower Back

Magneto-Shayne Smith


Meaning: Shayne has inked Magneto on his lower back. Magneto is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men.

30. Alphabets U and T on his Left and Right Calves

U and T -Shayne smith tattoo

31. Pirated Skull on the back of his Left hand

Pirated skull-shayne smith

32. Emporer on his Left Lower Leg

Emporer on his leg-shayne smith

33. “Fight For the Death” on his Right Wrist

Fight for the death tatoo-shayne smith

34. Floral design on his Right Forearm

floral design on right arm-shayne smith tattoos

35. Knife Like on his Right Wrist

Knife like-shayne smith

36. Undefined Design on his Left Arm

shayne smith left tattoed arm

37. Knuckles on the Left Shoulder

Knuckles-shayne smith

38. Triangular Design on his Right Wrist

triangular design-shayne smith tattoo

29. Undefined Design on the back of his Neck

tattoo on the back of his neck-shayne smith

30. Red Colored Pattern behind his Left Ear

tattoo behind the ear-shayne smith

31. Undefined tattoo on his Upper Left Leg

undefined tattoo on upper leg- shayne smith

32. Star on his Left Knee

Star tattoo on his Left knee-shayne smith

33. “Portrait of Wyat Earps” on his Right Calf

Wyat Earps portrait-shayne smith

Tattoo: Portrait of Texas Jack Vermillion:

Meaning: Shayne has inked his calf muscle with the portrait of Wyat Earps. He has got this friendship tattoo with his best friend, Jared Collins, who got the tattoo of the portrait of Doc Holliday. Doc Holliday was an American gambler, gunfighter and a good friend of Wyat Earps. In his Instagram account he wrote, Doc Holliday: Wyatt Earp’s my friend. Texas Jack Vermillion: Hell, I got plenty of friends.Doc Holliday: I don’t… Thanks. Friendship tattoo with my brother.” This tattoo was inked by the tattooist, Kasey Rose.

34. Mic on his Left Forearm

mic tattoo-shayne smith

35. Circular Design on his Right Upper Arm

Circular Design tattoo- shayne smith

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Shayne Smith and His 35 Amazingly Beautiful Tattoos

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