No matter what your grandparents told you at the dinner table, a delicate tattoo is a spectacular way to tell this world who you are. A fabulous body art will be a fantastic message about what you stand for. No matter what you want to ink, a full sleeve or a stylish 3D character from the cartoon you like, a talented tattoo master will be the most important part in choosing a tattoo shop. So let’s go to some famous tattoo shops at NYC.

Up to 277 tattoo studios in big New York area, the big apple is the top tattooed city in US. Here are some great tattoo shops, which keep their reputation for a long time in NYC. It is worth to take some time looking into those best tattoo shops before you get your next ink mark.


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NY Adorned is always in the list of ‘the most famous tattoo shop in NYC’ for it’s good reputation. Its Brooklyn location was closed last year, so you can make appointment with all of its talented tattooers and piercers at the 2nd Avenue location.

-Style: everything, from Japanese styles to traditional-style color pieces, no matter you’re looking for a black-and-gray shading or a septum piercing

– ARTISTS: Yoni Zilber, Jase, Kris Magnotti, Bart Bingham, Brad Stevens, Dan Bythewood, Jose Chalarca

– UPCOMING GUEST ARTISTS: 2016: Gary Gerhardt, Dean Denney, Katie Gray

-Want to go? Walk-ins are welcome but it might take a while. 212-473-0007

-Location: 47 2nd Avenue in the East Village

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