The worst tattoo art are on display in this piece  which tries to show you what can go wrong when bad choices are made by both the tattoo owner and the artist. Poor workmanship contributes largely to flaws we see but owners are also guilty of going for tattoos that do not match their skin tones. Here are some lessons for you to watch and learn.

1. Head Tattoo fail

It is always a tricky thing to get a head tattoo unless you are a ready to take the risk.

Head tattoo fail

Image credit: Whicdn


2. Graphic tattoo fail

They do not come worse than getting the spelling of the artwork wrong.

Graphic tattoo fail

Image credit: Tattooeasily

3. Epic fails

One mistake that is difficult to get away with especially for an artist is a piece of art out of proportion. This tattoo helps reinforce the importance of tattoo placement.

Epic tattoo fail

Image credit: Funnie

4. Checked Face fail

This tattoo has colors mixed all over the place and hides even the most important features which reveal one’s identity.

Checked Face fail

Image credit: Pwnage

5. Big tattoo fail

Tattoos are always just as good as the artist. When a mistake is made, the removal process is not usually an option due to the pain and cost involved. That leaves a poorly done tattoo a lasting mark of anguish.

Big tattoo fail

Image credit: Amazonaws

6. Art tattoo failure

There is no pain like that of carrying a tattoo you know was done poorly. It beats the entire logic of getting the tattoo.

Art tattoo failure

Image credit: Dailymail

7. Zipped face tattoo

There are those of us who don’t mind bold designs but the line between bold and outrageous can be very thin like this face tattoo of a zip.

Zipped face tattoo

Image credit: MSN


8. Wording fails

How one makes such an oversight may seem unimaginable but yes, these things happen and with a devastating effect.

Wording fails

Image credit: Complex

9. Tattoo scar

A tattoo should look like one fine piece of art and not a scar. This particular one went awfully wrong leaving a sore outline and permanent scar.

Tattoo scar

Image credit: News.bme

10. Print tattoo fail

Print tattoos are best when done in tiny patches and not crumpled together like in this tattoo. Making tattoo look like its all over the place takes away the oomph from it.

Print tattoo fail

Image credit: Imgur

11. Ink overflow tattoo

Effects make for very peculiar detail on any tattoo but it ought to be done by the professionals lest it end up like this mess of a tattoo.

Ink overflow tattoo

Image credit: Gadsden


12. Poor contrast tattoo

The use of contrast is actually a skill perfected over time and this is where a tattoo artist advisory is important to give the tattoo owner options in relation to their skin tones.

contrast tattoo

Image credit: Artistic impressions tattoo

The best way to avoid all these is to be proactive in the tattooing process, taking into consideration the work portfolio of the tattoo artist and taking advice before, during and after the tattoo procedure for proper healing.

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