Dreamcatcher tattoos: We all know what a dreamcatcher looks like – a hoop that contains a woven mesh, feathers, and beads hanging from it. However, what many people do not know is the origin of the dreamcatcher, its symbolic meaning, and the reasons why people get dreamcatcher tattoos.

Dreamcatcher is usually associated with the Native American culture. It is believed that a spider-woman named Asibikaashi took care of the children on the land. Dreamcatchers were made and hung above the beds of little children to trap the bad dreams. Or, some people say that a dreamcatcher is supposed to let negative dreams pass through and keep the positive ones, so they could be fulfilled.

Dreamcatcher tattoos look beautiful, and sometimes their wearers believe they will not only chase the bad dreams away but also all the bad things and negative energy in life.

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What makes dreamcatchers popular is their beautiful design and mystical qualities. Dreamcatcher can be placed literally anywhere on your body, and they look great in all shapes and sizes. In addition, a dreamcatcher done in black ink will look equally good as the colorful ones.

Now that we have covered some basics, it is time for you to check out the most amazing dreamcatcher tattoos we could find for you. We are sure that you will fall in love with all of the designs.

30. Blue Tattoos


29. Inner Arm Dreamcatcher


Originally, dreamcatchers were designed with eight points, to signify the eight legs of a spider. However, you do not need to stick to the traditional. Just like all the other tattoos, the dreamcatcher can be personalized and decorated so that they reflect your personality. Since a dreamcatcher is considered to be a protective talisman, a dreamcatcher tattoo then can bring the feeling of security and well-being to the wearer of the tattoo. These tattoos can signify nature and represent the freedom and power it has to offer.

28. Back Dreamcatcher Tattoos


27. Leg Dreamcatcher


26. Wrist Artwork for the Dreamcatcher


Dreamcatcher tattoos are usually associated with women. However, these tattoos also look great on men. The perfect placement of these tattoos for men would be on their upper arms, upper back area or even legs. On the other hand, women go for smaller, more elegant versions of these tattoos. However, there are no restrictions when it comes to the placement of tattoos. Your tattoo should be where you want it to be.

One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that it should be placed in such way that it doesn’t hurt the sentiments of those who belong to the traditions that lie behind this symbol, and tattoo should also not interfere with your personal or professional life.

25. Thigh Tattoos That Bring out your Dreamcatcher


24. Small Dreamcatcher


23. Colorful Dreamcatcher


22. Owl & Dreamcatcher


Dreamcatchers are mysterious, and they look great when combined with other mysterious symbols or animals, such as owls. Traditionally, dreamcatchers which were made for female children contained feathers of an owl, whereas dreamcatchers made for male children contained eagle feathers. Owl stands for wisdom and an eagle for bravery. In addition, an owl tattoo may symbolize rarity, experience, knowledge, vision, independence and freedom.

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21. Side Dreamcatcher That Really Sizzles


20. Dreamcatcher Tattoos & Quotes


It is a great idea to add a quote next to your dreamcatcher. The quote you choose may be your motto or a notion you stand by. “Never a failure, always a lesson” is a great quote that can be seen in the image above. It enhances the meaning of the dreamcatcher even more.

19. Horse & Dreamcatcher


18. Simple, Yet Beautiful Dreamcatcher Tattoos


17. Dreamcatcher Tattoos & Flowers


16. Interesting Dreamcatcher Tattoos


15. Dreams & Dreamcatchers


Now, you may wonder how is that spider-woman related to dreamcatchers and dreams. According to the Anishinabepeople, the spider-woman used to travel around, visit the cradles of the newborn babies, and weave magical webs above the cradles which supposed to protect the infants from bad dreams, allowing only nice dreams to pass through. However, as the tribe became larger and people started migrating, she could reach all the babies in time. That is why mothers took over and started creating their own dreamcatchers to protect their children.

14. Ribs Dreamcatcher Tattoos


13. Dreamcatcher Tattoos on Back



12. Beautiful Quote & Dreamcatcher


11. Big Dreamcatcher Tattoos


When looking at dreamcatcher tattoos, you may notice that in many of them the feathers look like they are moving. It is believed that each movement of the feathers announces the arrival, and the passage of a new beautiful, and peaceful dream. In addition, you may also notice gemstones incorporated into the dreamcatcher. When the tattoo has only one gemstone, it is mean to show that there is only one, and true, creator in the web of life. Besides one gemstone, four gemstones may be incorporated, as well, to represent the four ordinal directions.

10. Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoos


Just like tattoos, dreamcatchers are handmade. This means that there are no two same dreamcatchers. Dreamcatcher tattoos give you a great opportunity to use your imagination, show your creativity and put your own twist on your tattoo. For example, check out this amazing watercolor tattoo.

9. Dreamcatcher Tattoos for Girls


8. Purple Feathers & Dreamcatcher


7. Traditional Dreamcatcher Tattoos


6. Beautiful Thigh Tattoo


5. Simple Dreamcatcher Tattoos


4. Feminine Dreamcatcher Tattoos


We’ve mentioned that men prefer getting large dreamcatcher tattoos on their back. However, that doesn’t mean such tattoos would look unsightly on ladies. This tattoo is a perfect example of a big tattoo that is elegant and feminine at the same time. In addition, when getting ready for work, it can be easily covered with clothes.

3. Upper Arm Dreamcatcher Tattoos


2. Dreamcatcher Tattoo On A Palm


1. Beautiful Blue Side Tattoo


Just like all the tattoos, dreamcatcher tattoos are popular and they also come with some controversy. Just like many other cultures, Native Americans are protective of their culture and tradition. Tattooing your body with a sacred symbol of a group in which you are not a part can be seen as disrespectful and inappropriate.

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