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Mermaid Tattoos for the seriously obsessed mermaid lovers ONLY. These are the best kept secrets of the oceans. Mermaid tattoos that are so, so beautiful.

Beautiful, wild and mysterious, mermaids have been always a very attractive mythological creatures, and hence, mermaid tattoos make great designs that can appeal to every taste in tattoo art.

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This majestic creatures from the sea can be found in several cultures mythologies and stories from the past, and they always resemble sensuality, mystery and beauty, that sometimes lured sailors to their deaths.

Typically, the story of the mermaids starts with a magical and amazing song in the sea that made sailors immediately infatuated. Their beauty went beyond anything seen on land. They were usually seen with a comb made of fish bones and a mirror. Mermaids, this ageless masters of enchantment, have several symbolism and meanings:


  • Beauty
  • Sensuality
  • Love
  • Mystery
  • Feminity
  • Independence

Mermaids are also related to different goddesses like Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love an sexuality, and other similar deities of femininity, sensuality, fertility. An such, mermaid tattoos are commonly found on women.

If you’re thinking on getting a mermaid tattoo for yourself, take a look at our list of the best designs that you can find online.

1. Mermaid with the Universe on her Hair

Mermaids are symbols of femininity and such, some people like to depict them as the mothers of the universe, like in this design that also has some elements of symmetric art.

 2. Mermaid Tattoo on Side

This mermaid tattoo design shows a mermaid on the side of the wearer, swimming freely towards the upper-side of the body.

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 3. Stained Glass Mermaid Tattoos

This is a great design that shows a technique stained-glass like.

 4. Merman Tattoo

This one is one of my favorites designs since is both funny and well done. It shows a male mermaid, technically called merman.

 5. Mermaid on Mirror Tattoo

Mermaids are usually shown with mirrors and so mermaid tattoos often have one, specially this one inspired by a very popular Princess.

 6. Full Side Mermaid Tattoos

This stunning design shows a mermaid on the side of the wearer, holding a ship, since it was believed that mermaids also controlled the ocean and the faith of sailors.

 7. Mermaid and Moon Tatoo

The moon is also a symbol of femininity, just as the mermaid, and in this design they are together.

 8. Side Leg Mermaid Tattoo

Some mermaid tattoos show some aesthetics resembling Polynesian style, like this one.

 9. Peacock Feather Mermaid Tattoos

Peacock feathers are very popular and you don’t have to choose just one of them to get an awesome tattoo. Why not do both?

 10. Shoulder Mermaid Tattoos

The swimming mermaid design is very common, as the legend of mermaids tell that they were hard to come by, this may have the meaning of the wearer being hard to catch.

 11. Mermaid Tail Tattoos

Some mermaid tattoos don’t show the full mermaid picture but just the tail, we’ll come across a few of them on our list. This particular one is on the sternum of the wearer.

12. Mermaid Skeleton Tattoo

This is a very original design that shows the skeleton of a mermaid.

13. Sitting Mermaid Tattoos

Sitting mermaids no showing their face are very popular tattoos, this particular design has some watercolor elements.

14. 3D Mermaid Tattoos

3d tattoos is a trend that makes the design look like it’s coming out of the wearers body, this one shows the figure of the mermaid.

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15. Mermaid on Shell Tattoo

This beautiful design on the back of the arm of the wearer, shows a mermaid lying on a shell and holding a pearl.

16. Tiny Mermaid Tattoo

As long as they don’t have a lot of details, mermaid tattoos can be pretty small and look awesome.

17. Anchor an Mermaid Tattoo

As another element of sea related tattoos and a popular trend in general, anchors can be commonly found in mermaid tattoos.

18. Mermaid Lipstick Tattoo

OK this is technically not a mermaid but it is definitely the lipstick a mermaid would use.

19. Teacup Mermaid Tail Tattoo

This design is for the tea and book lovers.

20. Arm Mermaid Tattoo

This design, placed on the arm of the wearer, shows a more serious mermaid that even looks threatening.

21. Half-Sleeve Mermaid Tattoos

This is a colorful and stunning design of a half sleeve tattoo with a mermaid surrounded by other elements of the sea.

22. Realistic Mermaid Tattoos

I didn’t know mermaids had buttocks.

23. Falling Mermaid Tattoo

This design makes the mermaid look like it’s falling freely deep into the sea.

24. Shell and Tail Mermaid Tattoo on Back

This is a very straight forward design of the tail of a mermaid and a small wavy line resembling the water.

25. Mermaid Scales Tattoos

Mermaid scales are also very popular tattoos among girls, we will see a few examples and approaches to this trend on the list.

26. Mermaid Cat Tattoo

Cats tattoos are the best. Period. And this mermaid tattoo just became the best on the list because is a cat mermaid, a mercat.

27. One-Line Mermaid Tattoos

Is not technically just one line but kinda looks like one line and that’s cool.

28. Mermaid with Pearls Tattoo

This design has a lot of blue-green hue details on the scales, hands and face.

29. Mermaid Scales on Thigh

This is another approach to the mermaid scales, this one has an effect of the torn skin.

30. Mermaid Tail Finger Tattoo

Another mermaid tail tattoo, this one on the finger, making it a very small discreet tattoo.

31. Mermaid on Jar Tattoo

Like a micro universe and ocean, we see a mermaid trapped in this jar.

32. Mermaid Kissing Diver

This design shows a mermaid kissing an atmospheric diving suit. The design is placed on the side of a guy.

33. Text Mermaid Tattoos

This one is a text tattoo that is related to mermaids, both the message and the scales give the idea.

34. Mermaid and Moon on Leg

Another example of the duality between the moon and the mermaid, this time in a more neo-traditional looking style.

35. Watercolor Mermaid Tattoos

This is a very feminine design with a watercolor aesthetics.

36. Realistic Tail Mermaid Tattoo

The placement and technique of this tattoo makes it one of the best of the list. Looks so vivid and cool.

37. Mermaid Tail with Details Tattoo

This is another approach to the mermaid tail trend, this one has a few details and elements of the sea within it.

38. Traditional Mermaid Tattoo

This design has a traditional aesthetic and as such has very strong contrasts in colors. You can also see a skull in there.

39. Mermaid and Shell Neo-Traditional Tattoo

Another example of the mermaid and shell, this one has a smiling mermaid, something that we oddly find.

40. Swimming Mermaid on Forearm

Forearm tattoos usually take advantage of the spot to use long designs, like this mermaid swimming towards the head of the wearer.

41. Ariel Silhouette Tattoo

If you are a little mermaid lover you will love this design of the silhouettes of the main characters of the film.

42. Sensual Mermaid on Side Tattoo

This is one of the sexiest designs on the list, this mermaid has a lot of details on her hair and face, and takes the whole side of the leg of the wearer.

43. Tail, Shell and Waves Mermaid Tattoos

This design is actually very popular, the main difference is the skills of the artist, in this case, is a very gifted one, since the shadows are smooth and cool.

44. Shy Mermaid Tattoos

This is a stunning design, very detailed and well done.

45. Simple Mermaid Tattoos

This design is very simple and pretty and looks great on the wrist of the wearer.

46. Sketch Looking Mermaid Tattoos

This is an awesome design that makes it look like a work in progress.

47. Smooth Lines and Watercolor Mermaid Tattoo

For this last piece, you can see a very delicate lined mermaid with some watercolor effects, a gorgeous design for girls.

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