Our new selection of amazing Tattoos from all around the world to welcome the new year 2021!

Tattoo Life team has selected 12 tattoos – recently published on Instagram – that demonstrate how tattoo art is capable of breaking boundaries and reaching extraordinary levels.

Antony Flemming, Six And Grace, Calgary, Canada
Antony Flemming, Six And Grace, Calgary, Canada

The very elegant Neo Traditisonal by Antony Flemming, the Traditional by El Bara and the one of Paul Dobleman, the unmistakable style of Chris Crooks and the irreverent one of Dan Sin, but also the extraordinary works of Derek Turcotte, Lorena Morato, Makkala Rose, Maksim Yalovik, Maud Dardeau https://www.tattoolife.com/beautiful-etching-tattoos-by-maud-dardeau/, Monika Boo, Tomo…

Let’s star our special journey around the world and let ink on skin amaze and inspire us, as well as give us new energy, full of promises, to start again.

This gallery will be only the first of a long series.
Happy 2021! Stay safe and get tattooed!

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