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Army Tattoos that show how to support the troops through ink. These badass tattoos are for men and women, with incredible art. Support your country!

We do not think about soldiers often. Actually, we do not think about men who fight for our countries at all. But, they think about us all the time, and when they have some time they also think about tattoos. Army tattoos are not like typical tattoos you see from day to day. The usually look ‘tough’ and feature symbols typical for the army. For example, Marines often tattoo devil dogs, globe, anchor, and eagles. Navy often tattoo ships and anchors, while those in the Air Force tend to depict eagles and flight.

Army tattoos were not always allowed. Prior to April 2015, soldiers could only have four tattoos below their elbows or knees. The tattoos couldn’t be bigger than the wearer’s hand. However, now there are no limits on the size or number of tattoos soldiers can get on their body. Face, neck, and hand tattoos still remain against regulation as well as derogatory and sexist tattoos. One exception was made for the hand tattoos. Soldiers are allowed to have one ring tattoo per hand.

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We have prepared so many amazing army tattoos for those in the army, coast guard, marines, or even those who simply like such tattoos. In this article, you will find everything from dog tags to incredible tributes to fallen soldiers.

30. Army Tattoos for Women


29. Arm Army Tattoos for Women


Did you ever wonder why do soldiers want to get army tattoos? Some of them simply like tattoos. But, most of them get these tattoos as an additional sign of love and loyalty to their country (as if risking their own lives wasn’t enough). As we all know it, being a soldier is not easy. Sometimes, after all the horrors they have seen, soldiers need to remind themselves why are they still doing it. The only way to have a permanent reminder and an inspiration to keep fighting is by getting a tattoo.

28. Side Army Tattoos


27. Soldier Tattoo


26. Army Tattoos for Men


25. Dogtag Tattoos


24. Chest Army Tattoos


23. Army Mom Tattoos


22. Air Corps Army Tattoos

army tattoo regulations

21. Colorful Army


20. Upper Arm Army Tattoos


Semper Fi or Semper Fidelis is a Latin saying and it means always faithful. It became a slogan for all the marines. In addition, more symbols of marines are present in the image above – the globe, eagle, and the anchor.

19. Remembrance Army Tattoos


If you are looking for remembrance army tattoos, here is one idea for you. This tattoo is beautiful and sad at the same time. You do not need to be in the army to get a tattoo like this. If you are willing to pay tribute to a fallen soldier, then a tattoo like this is the right way to do it. This tattoo indicates that the fallen soldier was a marine. You can conclude that due to the presence of an anchor, eagle, and the globe which are usually symbols of marines.

18. Tanker Army Tattoos


17. Marine Tattoos


16. Freedom Tattoos


There are many army tattoos which make you think about things going around you. We all take our freedom for granted and we do not realize that it does not come for free. Think about the millions of fallen men who have fought in wars centuries ago, just to provide safety for their loved ones and all the future generations.

15. Army Symbol Tattoos


14. Medic Army Tattoos


When we mention army and army tattoos, the first thing that crosses our mind is a soldier. However, there are those who work in the army but do not carry firearms. Those are the people who dedicated their lives to saving those who fight for the well-being of all of us. If you are planning to be a medic in the army, or if you want to dedicate a tattoo to a fellow medic, here is one neat idea.

13. Women Tattoos


12. Amazing Army Tattoos


11. USA Flag & Army Tattoos


10. Love, Laugh, Live Tags


9. Side Soldier Tattoos


8. “American Soldier”


If you are an Americal soldier, or a soldier serving any country, you should definitely point that out with one of these amazing army tattoos. You can include any symbol or quote you like. As you can see in the image above, the wearer of this tattoo decided to include Latin words “fidelitas” and “officium.” The word “fidelitas” means “loyalty” and “officium”means “duty.”

7. Airborne Division Tattoos


6. Army Planes Tattoo


5. The United States Marine Corps


4. Tattoo Dedicated To Fellow Soldiers


The wearer of this tattoo may have wanted to pay tribute to all the fallen fellow soldiers. Or, maybe he simply wanted to have and remember the names of those who fought by his side forever. Whatever the case is, the tattoo looks legendary and it took a lot of dedication. If you are thinking about getting remembrance army tattoos, think about including a remembrance poppy for those who helped fight in the war.

3. Aircraft Tattoos


2. Sleeve Army Tattoos


Sleeve army tattoos may have caused you trouble a few years back, but now they are allowed. Sleeve tattoos always look amazing, especially if you add some colors, flags, and weapons.

1. US Flag Army Tattoos


You certainly do not need to be a member of the army to get one of these cool army tattoos. You can simply get them because you like them. Army tattoos may also be a symbol of patriotism and one of your ways of supporting the military, especially in the time of war.

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