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Sleeve Tattoos that you GOTTA see to believe. Tattoo art has really been improving in recent months and this list shows you just how far we’ve come.Sleeve tattoos are awesome, and they are not for everyone. Only bold people that can take the time and have some pains threshold can be brave enough to get one. Only for enthusiasts and hardcore ink lovers often get a full sleeve tattoo.

Usually, this kind of tattoos, which have a lot of space to cover, tell complex stories, show an elaborate landscape or put a lot of elements that the wearer relates with.

Others are just stunning designs that don’t necessarily tell any story but are amazing to look at and look very badass and original.

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Sleeve tattoos are very hard to hide so pick a design that you really like and take your time with it. We made a list of some of the best you can find online for you to make your research. There’s one for everyone and every taste.

There are some aesthetics and trends that make amazing sleeve tattoos by nature and almost not trying too hard to make them look amazing, like Japanese style or Polynesian tattoos.

So take a look at this carefully picked  list and let us know which one you liked the best!


1. Lion and Roses Sleeve Tattoos

If you like lions, take a look at the list of lion tattoos that we made.


2. Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

Mandalas are great to put in a sleeve tattoo, and you can see a lot of other elements in this example, like pentagons and symmetric designs.

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3. Couple and Skeletons Sleeve Tattoos

This is a very obscure and artistic design that shows a couple embraced by a skeleton, holding a candle.

4. Candle and Birds Sleeve Tattoos

This design has some great details on the candle smoke, made by the absent of ink, and some light effects with white ink.

5. Japanese Full Sleeve Tattoos

As we mentioned before, Japanese tattoos make amazing sleeve designs, and you can find a couple more on this list, and if you enjoy the Japanese artwork on tattoos, take a look at our list of Japanese tattoos here.

6. Flowers and Humming Bird Sleeve Tattoo

This is an amazing design with a great work of gradient effect from black to a blue hue on the top.

7. Creepy Full Sleeve Tattoos

This is like an underworld landscape, with a bunch of details and very creepy indeed.

8. Surreal Sleeve Tattoos

Clocks have a lot of interpretations in tattoo art, so it’s hard to guess a meaning for any clock tattoo that you come across.

9. Jungle Sleeve Tattoos

Not much else to say about this one, is a pretty badass jungle landscape tattoo.

10. Fairies Sleeve Tattoos

Fairies are kind of a dangerous play among tattoo art so pick a good design, a great artist and go nuts.

11. Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoos

This stunning design and skillfully made tattoo has a lot of details and a golden hue that makes it look like it has light of its own.

12. Sailor Sleeve Tattoo

This one also tell a story, in this case, we can see a sailor dealing with some of the ocean’s threats.

13. Another Koi Fish Sleeve

The legend of the koi fish is that they turn into dragons, so koi fish are very popular sleeve tattoos, since one arm tells the first part and the other one the second part, or you can place the whole story in one arm.

14. Dot Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

This is another approach on mandala sleeve tattoos but with a technique of dots and only black and white.

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15. Japanese Mask Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese aesthetics make great sleeve designs, full of colors and different elements.

16. All-seeing eye Sleeve Tattoo

Besides the eye, we can see a lot of other elements that give this tattoo a very dark atmosphere.

17. Mandala and Symmetry Sleeve

This is a very masculine take on the mandala sleeve tattoo. Equally awesome as the other two we have seen so it deserves a spot on the list.

18. Music Lover Sleeve Tattoo

This is a great design for the musician and music lover.

19. Lotus Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Still in the Japanese trend of sleeve tattoos, this design shows a colorful lotus flower full of light.

20. Demons Sleeve Tattoo

To keep some sort of balance, usually very dark elements like a demon are accompanied by delicate elements like flowers.

21. Caricature Sleeve Tattoo

This is another surreal design that seems to tell a weird story of witchcraft and wizardry.

22. Autumn Lady Sleeve Tattoo

This design shows a woman surrounded by autumn leaves and the color palette is full of brown and red hues.

23. Traditional Sleeve Tattoos

Like we said before, maybe a sleeve tattoo doesn’t have to tell a story but have a lot of tattoos or the same style making it a whole design. This one has traditional aesthetics.

24. Awesome Dragon Sleeve Tattoos

This design is just amazing, very detailed and huge dragon taking the whole arm.

25. Buddha Sleeve Tattoo

Buddhist art makes great tattoos and particularly sleeve ones.

26. Dark Harry Potter Sleeve Tattoo

If you are a Potter lover, you’ll love this tattoo sleeve if the darkest elements of the saga.

27. Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo

Polynesian tattoos look great as sleeve tattoos.

28. Black Mandala Sleeve Tattoo

This other approach to the mandala trend, has a black background and the lines are white.

29. Roses and Spiders Sleeve Tattoo

The velvety quality of the roses makes a good match with the velvety legs of a tarantula.

30. Roses and Skull Sleeve Tattoo

This is your moment and every single minute you spend try to hold on to it ’cause you might never get it again.

31. Dragon and Cherry Blossom Tree Sleeve Tattoo

Another example of the strong/delicate duality in tattoos.

32. Polynesian Mask Sleeve Tattoo

Another example of how amazing Polynesian tattoos look as full sleeve tattoos.

33. Mechanical Sleeve Tattoos

Some people use their sleeve tattoo to show “what’s inside”, this mechanical and robotic trend is an example.

34. Fractal Sleeve Tattoos

This is an example of how a sleeve tattoo doesn’t have to tell a story or show a landscape, but just a bragging right of a skillfully made tattoo.


35. Magical Birds Sleeve Tattoos

This is a beautiful design full of colors and different kind of birds.


36. Wolf and Tiger Sleeve Tattoo

If you enjoy this kind of tattoo, take a look at our wold tattoo list.

37. Japanese Warrior Sleeve Tattoo

38. Bleeding Heart Sleeve Tattoo

This design shows a lot of skulls and a heart in the middle.

39. Dreamy Sleeve Tattoo

This design looks inspired on Alice in Wonderland.

40. Robotic Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Just like the one before, this one is more like an android or robotic style.

41. Candle and Girl Sleeve Tattoo

The aesthetic here is very realistic.

42. Praying Hands Sleeve Tattoo

This is a mixture of aesthetics, since the flowers and skulls look more occidental while the waves are oriental.

43. Old Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

A great contrast of red and black in a full sleeve tattoo.

44. Calavera Sleeve Tattoo

This one has a few elements of Mexican calavera aesthetics.


45. Yakuza Sleeve Tattoos

Again, Japanese style making great sleeve tattoos.

46. Comic Sleeve Tattoos

You’ll be the coolest kid in ComiCon

47. Dot Work Sleeve Tattoos

Ridiculously amazing dot work tattoo.

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