She is tattooed by 30 different tattoo artists, she is a real tattoo collector who travels the world to get a tattoo from her favourite artists. She is a content editor and a model. And she describes herself like this: “I always enjoyed change in my life, I always need to be in motion and to recreate myself and be a better version every day”. This is Mimi Darko!

Hello Mimi would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hey guys! My name is Mimi, I am a 27-year old girl from Germany, with Mongolian roots, who is in love with the Art of Tattoo and Tattoo Culture.


What do you do for a living?
I am a Content Creator and I work in front and behind the camera. Usually I was on the road and travelling the whole year but since Corona I tried (or more like I had) to work from home as much as possible which was really a big change in my life. I studied before and now I am thinking to learn something completely different so fingers crossed it works out as I planned out in my head!

You are very eclectic and you have a very eclectic look: do you like to play with your body image?
I enjoy to change my look regularly as my tattoos are permanent and my body is also quite the same. When I was younger I saved up all the money I earned to get new tattoos, to travel abroad to get tattooed and now there is more room to play with less permanent things like my hair colour, my taste in fashion, make up etc. I always enjoyed change in my life, I always need to be in motion and to recreate myself and be a better version every day.


How did your passion for tattoos start?
When I was younger, I saw some tv shows with heavily tattooed people, people with body modifications and tattoo artists and I had never seen anything like that before. I was really captivated by this alternative look! I knew I wanted to look like them when I was older, they looked so cool and seemed to be so confident.

You have a specific style, would you like to tell me about it? Who tattooed you?
I got tattooed by over 30 different artists, I travelled through Europe to get tattooed by my favorite artists! I’d really call myself a tattoo collector. I love the Neo Traditional Style, for me it’s the perfect style in between all the others. It’s so versatile, sometimes it’s more oldschool-ish, some artists have some Asian touch in their work, some pieces are almost realistic but they always have this beautiful bold linework and I think this makes it so timeless.


What kind of girl is Mimi? What are your passions? I think you love food, don’t you?
I‘d really say I am a simple girl who loves to enjoy life as much as possible. Food is an important topic for all of us and it has a lot to do with selfcare and pleasure. I put a lot of passion into everything that catches my interest, it’s the same with tattoos. I think everyone should be passionate in some way. Cooking is really something creative and the more I get into it the more I enjoy it!

I am also a big nature lover and I really want to see more of our planet – I think I am just in love with the beauty and essence of life itself!

Why the two hearts in different colours on your cheeks?
The pink one stands for the love, the whole pure heart, positivity, hope and unconditional love while the blue one stands for the loss, pain, disappointment, fear and heart break. The pink one shall remind me to never give up and to always see the good things in life. The blue one shall remind me that I’ve made it through dark times and that there will always be bad days and still I am here and all this pain shaped me and made me stronger.

Is your body 100% covered now? Do you have some projects about new tattoos?
Not yet! I have some little gaps left, like my left armpit, the back of my knees and there’s still a lot of work to do on my right arm – I want to get laser removal on the inner part and cover it. My back tattoo by @Fruduva is still not finished – currently it’s not possible due to Corona as I need to travel to Sweden but I am looking forward to finishing it as soon as the situation gets better! This is really what I am looking forward to the most, followed by my arm project. I’d also love to get tattooed by Peter Lagergren and Gakkin, both are on my tattoo bucket list!


What’s like for a nice girl as you to be so heavely tattooed?
At least I am not getting asked for my ID and I think for some people it’s intimidating / they respect me more than not being tattooed at all. As a petite woman it’s really a plus, I feel safer with my tattoos, they are like a shield that protects me from external influences.

We are going to close this interview: would you suggest something to young girls that love tattoos as you do?
Wait for your dream artists to get booked in – don’t rush to be fully covered at any cost – think before you get tattooed, especially smaller stuff, spontaneous ideas – trust your tattoo artist!

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