In the memory of her boy friend name Ricky, Teenager had inked a large Celtic cross tattoo on her body. Ricky, who had been killed in car crash inspired her to do so.

But she was under age, so was not allowed to get tattooed.  Finally she didn’t take her mother’s permission and got inked permanently on her 16th birthday.

The girl paid £40 to have the four-five-inch tattoo etched on the right side of her body. And the tattoo artist Kevin Brown 26-year-old is fined £180 at Perth Sheriff Court on Wednesday now of Arnot road, Blackford.


Brown had accepted his fault because of illegally tattooing her at his former flat in Perth’s St John Street on March 28 of this year and he was running a tattoo parlour in his house without any licence from February 28th to April 1st this year. It is contrary to the 1969 Tattooing of Minors’ Act which prohibits those person under the age of 18 can’t give tattoo on his/her body.


Depute Fiscal John Malpass said that She had been denied permission by her parents to have a tattoo but she knew by her friend  that Brown had given that type of tattoos earlier. He takes no inquiries about the age and was agreed to design tattoo on girl’s body. In the letter from the court, Brown said he used sterilised equipments when he designed the tattoo. He took this profession as a hobby.

Girl had mentioned on her facebook profile that she was “happy” with the tattoo said, Solicitor Billy Somerville.


The case came under the central Scotland Police, police investigated the alleged for tattooing of nine year old boy.

Police said, they have noticed that youngsters inspired by footballers and celebrities, got tattoos.

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