Ladies! A diamond tattoo is more affordable than a real diamond, that’s for sure! More sustainable too, if you are interested in the environment and human rights.  Another bonus,  you can never lose your diamond tattoo.

The word diamond comes from a Greek word that means “invincible.” This is quite an accurate description since diamonds really cannot be destroyed. They are considered to be one of the most precious and sought after stones in the world. In addition, that is a reason why many people actually decide to get a diamond tattoo, because they want to convey that they are invincible, or at least feel like they are.

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Ancient civilizations believed that diamonds had the power to protect you from evil forces and that they gave people strength to overcome their fears.  Diamond tattoos have also been connected to magic, as they allegedly possess incredible magical energy. This myth comes from the Middle Ages. During that period, only priests and emperors were allowed to wear diamonds. It was also believed that Satan could not bear the sight of the light that was reflected from the surface of the diamond.

Keep scrolling to see the most brilliant diamond tattoos you will ever come across, and to find out more about the symbolic meanings of these tattoos.

30. Rib Diamond Tattoo


Diamonds can mean a lot of things and their symbolism is strong. Some of the meanings may be even derived from your own personal beliefs.  The most popular meaning of a diamond tattoo is: survival, strength, flawlessness, durability, love, shine, wealth, power, and integrity.

As we already mentioned, you can always combine your diamond with other designs. Take the tattoo from the image above as an example. Arrow tattoos have a symbolism of their own. A single arrow usually stands for protection. However, the basic meaning of an arrow is positivity as arrow stands for moving forward despite being constrained by the bow. Combined with the strength of the diamond, this tattoo may perfectly represent your almost invincible character.

29. Side Diamond Tattoo


28. Tiny Diamond


27. Bird, Crown, and a Diamond


An interesting combination, isn’t it? A bird, a crown, and a diamond. The wearer of the tattoo definitely didn’t choose these tattoos randomly. A bird tattoo usually represents freedom and free spirits. A crown tattoo may stand for wealth, but its symbolic meaning rather indicates that you are the only absolute ruler of your own life. And a diamond tattoo may stand for strength and wealth, but not in the materialistic sense. This wealth may refer to your friends or your family. The true wealth lies in the people who we love and who love us back. More crown tattoos here.

26. Small Hand Diamond Tattoo


From a perspective of an alchemist, a diamond (or a symbol of a diamond) would be synonymous with refracting light. As such, a diamond tattoo can indicate the journey our souls make while we are achieving higher understanding. Simplified, the higher understanding stands for an enlightened soul that is able to refract its light from the inside out.

Your diamond tattoo may also represent one of many goals in your life – to walk a path on which your soul will shine bright like a diamond.

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25. Precious Universe


24. Matching Diamond Tattoos


Diamond tattoos are great for couples, siblings or best friends who want to get a matching tattoo. As mentioned, the word diamond comes from a Greek word that means “invincible.” If you believe the relationship between you and someone else is invincible, then you guys should definitely get matching tattoos such as these in the image above. In addition, you may decorate your tattoo further with a meaningful quote.

23. Colorful Diamond Tattoo


Diamond tattoos need not always be simple outlines. You can give them any color you want – red, blue, purple, etc. Even though some people prefer diamonds in one color, you can decorate your diamond however you want – even if it means combining several colors. All these combinations will make your tattoo look eerie and out of this world.

22. Flowers & Diamonds


21. Unique Diamond Tattoos


20. Finger Diamond Tattoo


19. Brilliant & Strong


18. Jolly Diamond Tattoo


17. Neck Diamond Tattoo


16. Arm Diamond Tattoo


15. Diamond Tattoos for Ladies


14. Wrist Diamond Tattoo


13. Heart-Shaped Diamond Tattoo


12. Simple Diamond Tattoo


11. Shoulder Tattoos


10. Ring-Finger Diamond


Big or small, diamond tattoos always look great. One great idea for the couple who plans to get married is to get a tattoo on their ring finger instead or in addition to the wedding rings. Diamonds are invincible and last forever, just like tattoos. And a diamond tattoo would definitely show everyone your everlasting love.  Wedding9. Tiny Heart Diamond


8. Nature Is Precious


7. Diamond Tattoos for Men


6. Feminine Diamond Tattoos


5. Watercolor Diamond Tattoos


4. Under-Breast Tattoo


3. Shine Bright Like A Diamond


Have you noticed the increase in popularity of semicolon tattoos? The Project Semicolon gave rise to these tattoos. They describe themselves as a “movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury. Project Semicolon exists to encourage, love, and inspire.”

A semicolon tattoo tells the story of its wearer. The wearer is the person who could have chosen to end his/her life, but in the end chose not to. A semicolon tattoo looks great when combined with a diamond tattoo since a diamond can symbolize strength.

2. Diamonds & Crown


1. Tiny Finger Diamond Tattoos


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