The British and very tattooed artist has joined forces with top producer Mike Elizondo and American superstar Pink to replicate the success of “Human”.

Rag n Bone Man, cover album
Rag n Bone Man, cover album

Three years after the award-winning and innovative debut album “Human”, “Life by Misadventure” is the sophomore album by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man out now everywhere.

“Life by Misadventure” is an album full of soul and heart, composed of 14 exciting songs, including “All you ever wanted” and “Anywhere awayfrom here”, a song currently in radio rotation marking the first collaboration with the American superstar Pink.

Watch here the new video “All you ever wanted”:

“Life By Misadventure” is a deep and soulful album, which invites you to grow and look forward.

Written and recorded in Nashville, just before the spread of the pandemic, with “Life By Misadventure” the very tattooed boy Rag ‘n’ Bone Man put himself to the test in perfecting his skills as an artist, songwriter and performer able to convey with his music a extraordinary warmth and real emotions with every breath.

Much of the album was produced and recorded by Grammy Award-winning producer and multi-instrumentalist Mike Elizondo (Eminem, 50 Cent, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morissette), in his studio just outside Nashville.

“Life By Misadventure” was recorded as a sort of live record: «In the past I have often written and recorded a song on the same day and used that same version for the record. In this case, however, we had more time and it was easier to be able to capture real emotions», explains the British artist.

Rag ‘n’ Bone Man during the making of the record was joined by his long-time collaborators, Ben Jackson-Cook (keyboards, co-author and co-producer of the album), Bill Banwell (bass and co-author) and Desri Ramus (backing vocalist), joined by drummer Daru Jones (Jack White’s Lazaretto) and guitarist Wendy Melvoin, who at just 19 joined Prince‘s band, The Revolution.

Rag n Bone Man
Rag n Bone Man

Together these musicians have created an immediate and high quality album, something very rare in the era of autotune and overdubs. One of the songs on the disc was even recorded in the artist’s garage.

The tracklist of “Life By Misadventure”:
1 – Fireflies
2 – Breath in me
3 – Fall in love again
4 – Talking to myself
5 – Anywhere away from here
6 – Alone
7 – Crossfire
8 – All you ever wanted
9 – Changing of the guard
10 – Somewhere along the way
11 – Time will only tell
12 – Lightyears
13 – Party’s over
14 – Old habits

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