Al Cotton has more than 300 Disney character tattoos tattooed on his body. Some people call him Mickey Man and some people refer him as he Mr. Disney.

At a commanding six-foot-one with a metal hook for a right hand and a full moustache, the 65-year-old retired welder looks more Harley Davidson than Mickey Mouse, but it’s the colourful tattoos that reflect his youthful spirit.

Some call him Mr. Disney. Others refer to him as the Mickey Man. And there’s good reason for the monikers. After all, Al Cotton has more than 300 Disney character tattoos.

A 65-year-old retired welder started his body art collection 1962. His fascination with the fun-loving rodent stemmed from cosy memories at home with his family. “I just remember us all sitting down in our living room every Sunday night to watch The Wonderful World of Disney, which featured a Davy Crockett series. You were cool if you knew Davy Crockett,” he said.

And his mother was certainly relieved when he returned from the ink job revealing only a Mickey Mouse tattoo with the tagline, “It all started with a mouse.” It’s located over his heart.

Al Cotton lost some tattoos when he suffered from cancer because surgeon cut his right arm:

He lost his arm when he was suffering from the cancer problem, which also meant losing 10 tattoos from his arm.  The surgeon cut his right from Aladdin to jasmine. He had paid $100 or more for every tattoo. Cotton could not afford to replace them immediately. When neighbours heard about his loss, they collect fund for him because they wanted to help Mickey man.“I found a wad of money in an envelope with a note,” he says. “I put the new ones all along my side.”

Cotton make his artificial arm less horrible, he had an old pair of Mickey curtains animated into the plastic. During a trip to Disney World, he asked Mickey to sign it.

He told children are quick to point his missing arm and one children see Mickey’s face, they want to play with the artificial “Before I put Mickey on it, no one talked to me about it. My 5-year-old granddaughter drags it around the house yelling ‘Mickey, Mickey.’”

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