It seems that the tattoo phenomenon has jumped out of the confines of tattoo shops and has made its way to the silver screen. Some amazing movie plots centered on tattoo have been crafted and trust me –all of them are well acclaimed ones. There is something appealing about tattoos which create cinematic scope for the directors to portray this art form. Let’s have a look at some amazing movies on the tattoo theme.

  • Eastern Promises – This epic flick is all about a Russian mid wife caught between some gangsters in London. The twist in the tale comes when she finds that all of them have got tattoos inked on their skin and those tattoos tell a tale.
  • Memento – This 1998 psycho-drama by Christopher Nolan is a tattooed tribute to the tattoo world from the movie world. A man suffering with short term memory loss problem is all set to search for his wife’s killer and guess what- all he has got to retain his memories are tattoos inked all over around his body.
  • Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire – This magical tale of Harry and his rendezvous with magic is all about the tattooed supporters of Voldermort who is all set to activate the tattoos. The snake tattoos do send shiver spinning down the spine of the audience.
  • Tattoo – This engaging 1981 plot is all about a psycho tattoo artist who has fallen in love with a supermodel to an extent that he goes on kidnapping her and forcefully inks a tattoo on her skin! Puzzling, dark and intense – the movie sets the tone loud!
  • Tattoo (2002) – In another intense tattoo based crime story, an ageing jaded cop and his rowdy partner embark upon their journey to catch a man who kills people for collecting tattoo designs! Strange and poignant, this movie is a must watch for its sheer thematic excellence.

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