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Lion Tattoo art that is something to growl about. These are the top trending lion tattoos. Plus, best parts of the body to get them inked. ENJOY!

*Cue The Lion King Music Here*  This will just make your life more majestic. A Lion Tattoo is one for the people who identify themselves with the strength of the king of the jungle. That was an easy guess if you ever were wondering what is the primary meaning of a Lion.

Lions, as the amazing beasts they are, are a symbol of leadership and authority. Actually, the principal words and qualities that you can associate a Lion with are:

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  • Wisdom
  • Power
  • Royalty
  • Dignity
  • Courage
  • Justice
  • Ferocity
  • Dominion
  • Authority

The last fact is according to some spirit animal experts. Some people also associate the lion with passion and generosity. What you can definitely notice just by watching a few videos of this amazing animal, is that lions are leaders and influencers by nature.

Lions are wild animals that amaze us as humans and we could never really tame them. And that’s OK, they should stay as a very respected animal, the king of the land and the one that makes a balance in the jungle.

So if you enjoy lions as we do, or if you identify yourself with the known traits of this great beast, you may be thinking about getting a tattoo to honor your spirit animal. You will come across a huge number of examples, and as usual we want to be the ones that save the day and show you everything you need to know to pick the right one for you.

Take a look at the following list of the best lion tattoos that we could find, and let us know which one worked for you!

1. Scarred Eye Lion Tattoo

This design is pretty bad-ass. Reminds me of Scar from The Lion King, although the details are a little off putting, is still a great tattoo.


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2. Full Leg Lion and Deer Tattoo

In tattoo art, is very common that we find a very strong element with a very delicate one, maybe this design is trying to depict that in a very elegantly and sexy way.


3. Full Sleeve Lion Tattoo

A glorious looking lion gazing into his kingdom makes this a neat looking tattoo. This design can also be found in our recent sleeve tattoos list.


4. Lioness on Thigh

Technically lionesses do not have manes, but this one looks pretty feminine with all the flowers and ornaments so I guess is kinda of a lioness by heart.

5. Lion on Shoulder

The mane on this lion is made of flowers, it’s a good combination between flower and lion tattoos


6. Realistic Lion on Forearm

This awesome design shows only the face of the lion in a very realistic aesthetic, great half sleeve tattoo.


7. Lion Silhouette Tattoo

This tattoo looks like a stamp, a very original design, discreet and cute.


8. Realistic Lion Tattoo on Hand

This tattoo will make you really pack a punch. A great detail that the eyes of the lion match the nail color.


9. Artistic Lion on the Back

This design looks like it has watercolor on it but just red hues, giving it a very wild and fiery look.


10. Arm Lion Tattoo

This lion looks like it’s ready to go to a emo concert, that hair done and eyeliner are the best!


11. Lion on Fingers

These small tattoos are a cool for matching tattoos for couples or siblings. And if you enjoy small tattoos, take a look at our list dedicated to them!


12. Wrist Lion Tattoo

When you need to feel powerful on a hard day, just take a look at the lion on your wrist to gain some confidence


13. Watercolor Lion Tattoo

This tattoo looks like it was drawn by accident by watercolor stains. Great strokes and color palette.

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14. Symmetrical Lion Tattoo

This tattoo looks great when using skirts, amazing design for a thigh tattoo.


15. Epic Looking Lion Tattoo

The powerful gaze on this lion will scare off stalkers, still very feminine and cute, but also badass.


16. Colorful Lion Tattoo

Look at all the colors! This one will look great on beach parties.


17. Lion With a Crown Tattoo

Show your support for the Lannister House with this design!


18. Polygon Lion Tattoo

Triangles, triangles everywhere. Can never get enough of this trend!


19. Bicep Lion Tattoo

This design looks ethereal, awesome tattoo and elegant lion.


20. Half-Faced Lion Tattoo

Heavy is the half head that wears the crown.


21. Lion With Flowers

A simple and very effective design of a lion and a few flowers.


22. Small Realistic Lion Tattoo

It almost looks like it has been made with chalk, the white details are awesome.


23. Lion on the Back

And business in the front.


24. Leo Constellation Tattoo

You will have a lot of fun star-gazing, use this tattoo as a guide and a map to the stars.


25. Paint-brushed Like Tattoo

That hair done can’t be achieved outside the jungle!


26. Lion and Wolf Tattoo

Very girly designs of two great beasts to get a tattoo of. If you enjoy the wolf tattoo idea, take a look at our amazing list of the best wolf tattoos out there!


27. Lion and Cross Tattoo

A very religious way to depict a lion, to many cultures, lions are a divine representation of the gods.


28. Lion and Clock Tattoo

So you’re never late to your appointments, apparently!


29. Lion Face Inside a Triangle

A very clean and elegant looking tattoo, the hipsters love it!


30. Lion Tattoo on Side

A neat and amazing design, it’s cool that the lion and the girl are facing the same way.


31. Lions King Tattoo

This list would not be complete without a Lion King tattoo, *cue the song again, just because of it*


32. Blue Lion Tattoo

It almost looks like it’s made of water or smoke or smoke on the water. We don’t have the rights to play that song.


33. Tribal Lion Tattoo

For when you go to the gym, this design will make you look powerful, those gym selfies will look amazing!


34. Crystal Shard Lion Tattoo

Be careful with the edges!


35. Sketch-Like Lion Tattoo

Free hand design, it looks awesome, and the picture makes it look even better. This is another take on the half faced trend of animals like lions and wolves.


36. Watercolor Lion Face on Upper Back

Great color palette here, nice details specially on the eyes.


37. One-Line Lion Tattoo

I just love this one-line trend on some tattoos, they require so much creativity and a good style to present them. The dot work is also awesome.


38. Native American Lion Tattoo

I’ve always found Native American Lion tattoos a little fishy since lions are not a native American species, but hey, it’s your body!


39. Howling Lion on Shoulder


The details almost look tribal-ish, would love that the lighting would let us see more details.


40. Small Lion Tattoo

Small tattoos should not have a lot of details to fight the risk of looking bad after a few years. This one is specially perfect for a small tattoo, a few lines, not so many details and still looks awesome.


41. Lion on Chest

Kinda looks like an octopus detail, doesn’t it? Very majestic and great design for the chest.


42. Lion King Tattoo

Hakuna Matata! An amazing design with some more details inside it.


43. A real King of the Jungle

Majestic AF!


44. Galactic Lion Tattoo

Great details of watercolor aesthetics.


45. Squared Lion Tattoo

This is another cool trend, the squares like it was some sort of puzzle. Makes for a great tattoo, don’t you think?


46. Angry Lion with Flowers

Don’t mess with the king!


47. Lion and Peony Flowers

A great mix of Japanese art with the peony flowers. If you enjoy Japanese Tattoos, take a look at our list of the style, the best ones online!




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