As  India gets ready to celebrate its 65th year of Independence, let’s make it a point to celebrate it the tattoo way. Ask yourself about what does independence stand for? If you think tattoo is still a social taboo then what’s the point of making so hue and cry about being independent?

A tattoo can be the most befitting symbolic portrayal of your love for the nation. If you are not in a mood to get a permanent tattoo done then you can always go for the temporary ones. The kids do love to get the flag of the nation inked on their cheeks. Go on and get a tattoo done; there is no threat of skin diseases. Many tattoo shops do offer discounts on their tattooing prices. Rush and make the most of this patriotic air!

A temporary tattoo can be the most befitting gift which you can give top few people if you are sitting in a bar or something. Just ask them for the tattoo and see the smile painting their faces. It’s just the best way to break the ice. Not only does a tattoo add a unique look to your appearance, it also does make you feel happy about yourself. To add to this, having a temporary tattoo on your face would definitely be a thing which would last forever in your memories.

Independence day is your license to wear something cheesy and get away with it in the name of patriotic desires. On any other day, your parents might lambast you for having got a temporary tattoo done, but you can be sure about the Independence Day. Go! Get the tattoo done!

Wishing You all a Happy Independence Day from Team Itattooz!


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