Tune in the week with Jake Meeks and company as they work on projects and talk apple products, amazing tattoo artists and much more art topics.
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Start your week off right! Dust off those weekend cobwebs (if you got em), and join host Jake Meeks and other amazing artists for the Monday Morning #ReinventingDrawingGroup. Bring whatever you are working on for the day, a tattoo design for your next session, or something just for fun, and beam into the Zoom call to hang out with everyone while they wake up and get creative together. Or draw along at home, or simply watch and learn about tattoos, and what goes into great tattoo designs. Surprise guests and giveaways make watching live worth clicking the notifications!

Greetings tattooers, apprentices, collectors, and the curious: you should definitely be subscribing to
Guy Aitchison’s Reinventing a Tattoo YouTube!

Interviews with amazing tattooers, living legends, panels, tattoo machine madness, Live from the Castro, history of tattoo conventions, archaeologists, chemists, world tattoo scene updates, and more awesome characters strait from the heart of the global tattoo community…

It’s like a Tattoo TV network, without the drama!


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