Tattoo Mistakes – 5 Bad Tattoo Mistakes You Must Avoid!

regret tattoos

Here is some of the dreaded list of Mistakes that one can make if they rush into getting a Tattoo. If you are planning on getting a Tattoo or know someone who is, help them out if you see them getting into one of these situations:

1. Poorly Sized Tattoo – Getting a Tattoo that is to small or positioned on the wrong part of the body that does not look appropriate. Small Tattoos, for example, look nice but if they are placed in a wide open area, like your back thigh, can look like a breeze from a distance. Especially if they are small like a quarter or silver dollar in size.

2. Cheap Tattoos – This goes without saying. You are making a permanent decision, one that will be with you for the rest of your life. If you find a discount tattoo shop, find out what their angle is? Why are they so cheap with their prices? They are using cheaper materials, rushing the process, offering less colors for the same tattoo, only later to find out that the final product looks sub-standard. You get the idea …

3. Name Tattoos – Want the largest regret. Well at least to say 50/50 chance in today’s world that if you put your lovers name on your body and you break up, then what? You have this for the rest of your life, or you end up explaining the scar to your next partner. Ouch!

4. Impulse Tattoos – If you are in some kind of fad, such as you like the TV Show the Simpsons, and Homer is such an awesome dude so you decide to get a Tattoo of this loveable character. How will you feel having this on your body 5, 10, 15 years from now? Tattoos are permanent remember and a lot of thought has to go into getting one!

5. Being Drunk – Never, and I mean never walk into a tattoo shop when you are drunk. Goes without saying. The next day when you wake up ………. What will you think? Laugh at me for making this statement, but it does happen, unfortunately.

I hope that I have helped you avoid some of these potential bad mistakes that you can make.

Source by James Mackay

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Tattoo Mistakes – 5 Bad Tattoo Mistakes You Must Avoid!

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