Tattoo model Karla Lambert


She’s a proud supporter of naturism, an avid reader (her favourite authors include Mark Epstein) and a full-blown ink fan (her skin flaunts works by Ryan Campbell and David Allen), Karla Lambert will keep you company in 2017 thanks to one more extraordinary calendar featuring Christian Saint’s photographs. Her sensual beauty and gorgeous tattoos stand out even more against the fairytale backdrop of a lovely Italian villa on Lake Como.

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So Karla, this is your very first calendar, right?
Yes and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first calendar shoot (glowing smile). I’d worked with Christian Saint previously and I knew he could take incredible photos anywhere, but to have the opportunity to shoot inside a historical mansion in Italy (Villa Calvi Radice Fossati in Montesolaro di Carimate, Ed.) was absolutely surreal…

What’s it been like to work in the Beautiful Country?
Italy itself is so rich in history, and I’d never been inside a historical mansion of such magnitude… (reflects a moment, searching for the right words) Well, to be inside a historical home like that was a unique experience and it is a memory I will never forget. I am so thankful and appreciative to Miki Vialetto and Tattoo Life for giving me this opportunity.

Well, thank you. I know that during the shooting you worked with some peculiar “extras”: a German shepherd, a horse, even a wolf…
Yeah, I sure did. The first look that Christian photographed was of me lying in the grass behind the mansion, and while we were shooting, the homeowners’ German shepherd came running over to me and laid down right next to me! (laughs)

And weren’t you afraid?
No, not all. I’ve spent a lot of time ‘working’ with dogs, including German shepherds, but he is by far the most massive and beautiful German shepherd I’ve ever seen. He was very intelligent and had a confident energy; he wasn’t aloof the way a lot of dogs can be around someone new. And yes, it’s true: I also posed with a beautiful wolf, and on horseback. I think most people can say they love animals, but I go even further: I’m a hopeless animal lover!

Photos by Christian Saint and includes pictures from

Follow her on Instagram: @littletattedlamb

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Tattoo model Karla Lambert

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