Tattoo Talk Tuesday: Tattoo Convention Haul

Picked up a couple of things from my faves..who also happened to be at the booth i worked at, whoops!
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Hey everyone! over the weekend I worked my very first tattoo convention! Wow, was it a great old time. I got to meet a ton of you fine folks, sort of work at a tattoo shop, and also, no doubt, pick up some GOODS. SO hangout today while I share some of my convention swag*
(stuff we all get)

Shop: Rose Tattoo
Shirts and pins are available!
Ring! Golden Grove
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Convention Vlog:
Convention Q&A:

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Can Tattoos Be Vegan?

How I heal my tattoos video:

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Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7KK
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Samsung NX Mini kit from amazon:
My Ring Light And Stand kit from amazon:
Prismatic Ring Light:

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Tattoo Talk Tuesday: Tattoo Convention Haul

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