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Edward Thomas Hardy, extra well-known as Thomas Hardy is an English Actor, Producer, and a Mannequin. Hardy is among the highest profile actors in up to date Hollywood and thus, has been the a part of the listing of essentially the most influential folks in the UK attributable to his contribution in the direction of charity. In addition to having a novel dressing type, his tattoos make a tremendous addition to his character. Tom may be very keen on getting inked. Let’s discover his tattoos and their meanings. Tom Hardy

1. ‘Tribal Design’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Leprechaun Tattoo

Tom Hardy Leprechaun Tattoo

Tom Hardy Tribal Tattoo

Tom Hardy Tribal Tattoo

Tattoo: The Leprechaun now lined with Tribal Tattoo surrounding it on his proper bicep.

That means: Leprechaun tattoo is the image of magic and good issues in life as per Irish Tradition, Tom received this inked attributable to his connection to Irish background, from his mom’s aspect. This ink was his first tattoo, which he had acquired on the age of 15 years however later received it lined with the tribal design.

2. ‘Padre fiero’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Padre fiero Tattoo

Tattoo: Padre fiero inked close to the best aspect of his collarbone.

That means: Padre fiero, the Italian phrase stands for Proud Father.

3. ‘London Skyline’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy London Skyline Tattoo

Tattoo: London Skyline inked simply above his proper elbow.

That means: Tom received this ink symbolizing his hometown, London. Thus encouraging him to get the skyline inked.

4. ‘Large Dragon’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Dragon Tattoo

Tattoo: Giant Dragon inked on the within of his left bicep.

That means: Tom had acquired this ink within the love for his Ex Girlfriend Sarah Ward since she was born within the Yr of the Dragon.

5. ‘Star’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Star Tattoo-

Tattoo: A Star inked on his left shoulder.

That means: Tom had received this Star inked when he had discovered concerning the being pregnant of his Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Pace.

6. ‘Till I Die SW’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Till I Die SW Tattoo

Tattoo: Until I Die SW inked on the best aspect of his abdomen.

That means: Tom has ink which reads “Till I Die SW” which works again to the time when he was in a relationship with Sarah Ward (1999- 2004).

7. ‘Charlotte’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Charlotte Tattoo

Tattoo: Charlotte inked on his left shoulder.

That means: Charlotte inked on Tom’s Proper shoulder represents the title of his present spouse, Charlotte Riley.

8. ‘LINDY King’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy LINDY King

Tattoo: LINDY King together with a crown inked beneath his dragon tattoo on his left interior bicep.

That means: Tom Hardy received this tattoo inked with due respect to his agent, Lindy King. He as soon as mentioned that he had promised her, that if she received him into Hollywood he would get her title tattooed on his physique. In order per his phrases, he did get it finished.

9. ‘Figlio Mio BellissimoTattoo

Tom Hardy Figlio Mio Bellissimo Tattoo

Tattoo: Figlio Mio Bellissimo inked on the decrease aspect of his proper bicep.

That means: Tom Hardy loves his son loads and thus received this phrase inked which suggests “my lovely son“.

10. ‘Marine Corps Number’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Marine Corps Number-

Tattoo: Marine Corps Quantity inked close to his proper collar bone.

That means: The tattoo containing the quantity ‘1338046’ on his chest signifies his finest mate’s dad’s Marine Corps quantity

11. ‘Comedy and Tragedy Masks’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Comedy and Tragedy Masks


Tattoo: Comedy and Tragedy masks inked on his proper chest.

12. ‘Smile Now Cry Later’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Smile Now Cry Later Tattoo

Tattoo: Smile Now written above the Comedy and Tragedy masks and Cry Later inked beneath them.

13. ‘Single Cross’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Single Cross Tattoos

Tattoo: Single cross tattoos close to the Comedy and Tragedy masks.

14. ‘Tribal Scorpion’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Tribal Scorpion inked on the higher left of his again.

15. ‘Union Jack’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Union Jack Tattoo

Tattoo: Union Jack inked above his left chest.

That means: Union Jack is the Nationwide Flag of The UK. Tom received this tattoo from Bryan Glatiotis from the Darkish Day Tattoo studio in Vancouver, Canada.

16. ‘Feather with word Scribe’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Feather with the Scribe Tattoo

Tattoo: Feather with the phrase Scribe inked on his proper tricep.

That means: There’s a image of a feather with the phrase “Scribe” above the tattoo W on the best triceps. Tom Hardy is understood to have gotten this tattoo inked in respect for his pal Kelly Marcell, who works as a scriptwriter.

17. ‘Madonna Cradling a Baby’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Madonna Cradling a Child inked on his left bicep.

That means: This tattoo holds nice that means for Tom. The big portrait of Madonna (Mary, Jesus’ mom) cradling a child inked additionally accommodates the date of his son Louis’ delivery “848” (He was born on April 8, 2008).

Tom mentioned, “That was about mothering me. I went through a lot of stuff leaving home and becoming a father and growing up to be my own mother. I have a mother; she’s amazing. But this is about being able to mother my parents and my son and myself – which is very painful. Getting my head around that growth spurt.”

18. ‘Portrait of his wife Charlotte’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Portrait Tattoo

Tattoo: Portrait of his woman inked on his again in the direction of the left.

That means: To signify his love for his present spouse Charlotte Riley, he received a large portrait of Charlotte inked on his again.

19. ‘Raven’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Raven Tattoo

Tattoo: Raven inked on his left chest.

That means: Raven tattoo holds nice significance in Tom’s life. It’s devoted to 2 main movies of his life which had introduced him worldwide recognition: ‘Mad Max’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

20. ‘Angry Wolf’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Angry Wolf Tattoo

Tattoo: Offended Wolf tattooed on his interior left forearm.

That means: Tom Hardy as soon as in an interview mentioned that wolf and raven are two animals which are very important for him. His interior forearm Wolf Tattoo has been impressed by his position in The Revenant.

21. ‘Sacred Heart’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Sacred Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: Sacred Coronary heart with a cross inked in the direction of his left underarm.

21. ‘Feather’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Feather Tattoo

Tom Hardy Feather Tattoo

Tattoo: Feather tattoo inked close to his left wrist.

22. ‘Skull with a Hat’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Skull With a Hat Tattoo

Tom Hardy Skull with a Hat Tattoo

Tattoo: Tom has a Cranium carrying a hat inked on his left arm.

23. ‘Card’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Card Tattoo

Tattoo: A card inked in the direction of the best aspect of his abdomen.

24. ‘Flying Birds’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Flying Birds Tattoo

Tattoo: Flying Birds inked in the direction of the best aspect of his neck.

25. ‘L and H’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy L and H Tattoo

Tattoo: L and H inked on his left arm.

That means: L and H tattoo represents the initials of his son’s title, Louis Thomas Hardy.

26. II O&R Tattoo

Tom Hardy II Q&R Tattoo

Tattoo: II O&R inked on his proper bicep.

That means: This inscription means “To Observe and Reflect”. Tom Hardy claims this to be his motto of life.

28. ‘Dog Muzzle’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Dog Muzzle Tattoo

Tattoo: Canine Muzzle Tattoo

That means: Tom Hardy received a big tattoo of pit bull’s muzzle on the left aspect of his again. Tom received it finished within the reminiscence of his canine Max who is not any extra.

29. ‘Leo Knows All’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy Leo Knows All Tattoo-

Tattoo: Leo Is aware of All inked on his proper bicep.

That means: Tom Hardy had misplaced a wager to his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. They wager on the purpose that the Mad Max star (Tom) can be nominated for an Oscar for his supporting position in The Revenant. The 40-year-old Hardy was undecided of his nomination, so a wager was made that whoever misplaced, must get a tattoo of the winner’s selection. Thus, Tom Hardy had misplaced to Leonardo when he was nominated for Greatest Supporting Actor. And as per the situation Tom needed to get the tattoo as per the selection of his opponent, which was chosen as “Leo Knows All” by Leonardo.

30. ‘W’ Tattoo

Tom Hardy W Tattoo

Tattoo: W inked on the interior aspect of his proper bicep.

That means: W inked represents the preliminary of the surname of his  Ex Girlfriend Sarah Ward (1999-2002).


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Tom Hardy’s 30 Tattoos & Their Meanings – Body Art Guru

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