Vegan Tattoos: How to Get Inked with Compassion

Tattoos can be a way to express yourself or to honor something meaningful in your life, and whether you’re vegan or not, you can get tattooed with zero impact on animals. Vegan tattoos (meaning the use of vegan inks and vegan aftercare) is a great way to ensure that your new tattoo doesn’t hurt any living creatures. Whether you’re an animal rights activist, a tattoo enthusiast, or someone totally new to tattoos, vegan tattoos are a great way to make sure the highest quality materials go into your tattoo without any causing any suffering.

Vegan tattoos use inks that are especially high quality and have the greatest staying power. Because vegan inks utilize natural pigments and water as the primary components, tattoo artists have great artistic flexibility in their color choices. On top of that, because of the natural origins of vegan inks, vegan tattoos have lower risk of allergic reactions. Vegan inks from reputable manufacturers such as Eternal Ink, Starbrite Ink, and others also require substantial independent safety testing (without involving animals) and sterilization. Never, under any circumstances, consider going to an artist who is using counterfeit ink or cheap off-brand ink as you may expose yourself to major health risks!

Vegan tattoos also offer peace of mind in their ingredients. Non-vegan inks often use secretions of bugs (such as shellac), processed hooves, or even animal fat and bone char. The idea of animal fat or bug secretions in a tattoo is not only gross, but it’s also harmful to animals and the environment. By choosing to get vegan tattoos, you can make sure the art you wear for the rest of your life is cruelty-free.

vegan tattoos animal heart
vegan tattoos of bunnies in a heart


Your choice of aftercare is also incredibly important. Major skincare companies often test on animals or use ingredients that require animal ingredients, but vegan aftercare options are just as effective and specifically designed to care for your new tattoo! Animal testing for tattoo aftercare is pointless and cruel, as there’s just too great a difference between recently tattooed human skin and animal flesh. Top tattoo companies are also putting out their own brands of vegan aftercare that are formulated to offer the best results for a new tattoo.

Speaking of which, we’re thrilled to offer our own brand of vegan aftercare that is ideal for your new tattoo! Body Art & Soul’s vegan aftercare utilizes only natural ingredients and no animal products or testing, providing you with the best aftercare results you’ve ever experienced. If you want your new tattoo to heal perfectly and in the shortest amount of time, make sure you ask at our shops for our aftercare products!

vegan tattoos love and hope
Vegan V tiny tattoo


By using vegan ink and vegan aftercare, your new tattoo will look amazing, heal beautifully, and won’t hurt any animals. Tattooing is a gorgeous and meaningful art form, but we shouldn’t take any risks with our health or needlessly kill innocent animals as a result. With so many amazing vegan inks and vegan aftercare options, including our own brand of aftercare, it’s never been easier to get (or give) a beautiful, cruelty-free tattoo! And if you’re interested in creating amazing vegan tattoos, check out our tattoo apprenticeships!

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Vegan Tattoos: How to Get Inked with Compassion

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