What to Expect at Your Tattoo Workshop

From the first moment you step inside one of our tattoo studios to attend a tattoo workshop, you’ll know that something exciting is about to happen. Whether it’s all the art on the walls, the uplifting vibe of the studio, or the inclusive community of artists that will greet you, you’ll sense the potential of what your future can become. Aspiring artists are transformed into professional tattoo artists inside those walls, and if you’re ready to learn, the same can happen for you with our tattoo apprenticeships. Welcome to the first step of your dream career as a professional tattoo artist.

You’re going to have a lot of fun, develop friendships, and learn tons, but what exactly will you be doing and how can you prepare for your tattoo workshop? The best way to prepare is to simply go in with an open mind and a hunger to learn everything you can. Think of the questions you might want to ask. Our trainers look forward to answering any question you can think of, whether it’s about the differences between tattoo machines or how the curriculum of our tattoo apprenticeships are individually built around each artist. The purpose of the tattoo  workshop is to learn everything you need to know to determine if a career as a tattoo artist is right for you. Think of it as a “day in the life” of a professional tattoo artist.

We will also share everything we can about our tattoo apprenticeships, what you’ll learn in them, and what it means to achieve your dream of becoming a professional tattoo artist. Our goal is to be open and transparent about every aspect of the training you’ll receive. This is an all-access pass to learn everything you can about your future career.

So you have a few questions in mind, but what exactly are you going to do during this all-day tattoo workshop? The entire time you’ll have direct access to our trainers and professional tattoo artists, and experience activities designed to simulate what you’ll do as a tattoo apprentice and a future tattoo artist, while teaching you some important basics of the craft.

Tattoo Workshop in PhillyA core component of the tattoo workshop is a training session on tattoo art and what artistic techniques go into creating amazing tattoo flash. You’ll have a chance to work with our trainers to create some pieces of tattoo flash, discussing components like color theory, shading, the preparation of stencils, and more. Our trainers will share insights into what elements help make up an excellent tattoo and how your art can be tailored to create the best tattoos possible. You’ll get to practice these techniques alongside other tattoo workshop attendees and get immediate feedback from our trainers.

We’ll go over the equipment you’d use as part of the tattoo apprenticeship, from tubes and needles to the various types of tattoo machines. Our trainers will discuss the differences between the high-quality equipment used for a professional tattoo and the dangerous knockoffs that often trick amateur artists. Our trainers will then take that equipment and demonstrate the proper way to set up a station and prepare your materials for a safe and effective tattoo.

Speaking of safety, our trainers will also walk you through blood-borne pathogens and how professional tattoo artists can keep themselves and their clients safe. By setting up a station right in front of you, you’ll be able to see all of the techniques and safety protocols used to tattoo the right way and how to avoid the dangers of tattooing at home. We’ll also share the correct procedures for disposing of hazardous materials and keeping your equipment in excellent condition. We think it’s important that everyone sees exactly what goes into the preparations to keep the client and tattoo artist safe, so you know what to look for regardless if you start a tattoo apprenticeship at Body Art & Soul, or somewhere else.

Tattoo Workshop in BrooklynFinally, you’ll get to put into practice everything you’ve learned in the tattoo workshop as you actually apply a tattoo! We’ll provide you with a tattoo machine, ink, needles, and tubes as you create a tattoo on a practice surface. After applying a stencil, you’ll get to experience how the machine feels as its working and how the “flesh” reacts to the ink and your artwork. Our trainers will be there to give you tips on your technique and answer questions about how the process is different in the case of real skin.

So there you have it! Throughout our day-long tattoo workshop, you’ll learn about tattoo designs, equipment, safety procedures, and get to apply a tattoo! But more importantly than any of these individual activities, we hope you get a remarkably clear sense of what life would be like as a tattoo apprentice and then as a professional tattoo artist.

We put tremendous effort into making sure that our tattoo apprenticeships are world-class and we’re very excited about the progress made by our apprentices and graduates. In fact, we’re so confident in our tattoo apprenticeships, that we offer a guaranteed job offer to everyone who completes a tattoo apprenticeship with us, which starts with the tattoo workshop!

We look forward to having you join us!

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What to Expect at Your Tattoo Workshop

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